Abstracts List

Geometrical Characterization Of Blocks In Fractured Media

Transport Of Molecular Fluids Through Three-Dimensional Porous Media

Advani M..pdf
Optimal High Dimensional M-Estimation

Alcaraz F.C..pdf
Unviversal Behavior Of The Shannon And Rényi Mutual Information Of Quantum Critical Chains

Almog A..pdf
Binary Versus Non-Binary Information In Real Time Series: Empirical Results And Maximum-Entropy Matrix Models

Amour R..pdf
Study Of Ion Acoustic Dressed Solitons Within The Theoretical Framework Of The Tsallis Statistical Mechanics

Anashkina E.I..pdf
Predator Population Depending On Lemming Cycles

Aneja P..pdf
Inference Of Optimality In Constrained Thermodynamic Processes With Prior Information

Apenko S..pdf
Clausius Inequality And H-Theorems For Ulam'S Redistribution Problem

Aquino G..pdf
Memory Improves Precision Of Cell Sensing In Fluctuating Environments

Argyrakis P..pdf
Key Player Countries In Fp7 Collaboration Network

Arinshteyn E.A..pdf
Variational Principle In The Theory Of Partial Distributions And Matrices.

Asimakopoulos A..pdf
Geographic Location, Network Distribution And Population Statistics Of Rural Settlements In Greece

Aste T.pdf
Information Filtering Networks

Aste T.pdf
From correlations between assets prices to modeling of economic interactions and back

Aydin A..pdf
Dimensional Transition Point In Thermodynamic Properties Of Maxwell-Boltzmann Gases

Aydiner E.pdf
Casimir Force Of An Ideal Bose Gas In Bose-Einstein Condensation Phase For Different Trapped Potentials

Aydiner E.pdf
Current And Efficiency Of Brownian Particles In Entropic Barriers

Baldassarri A..pdf
Statistics Of Erosion Events In Rocky Coasts And Percolation Theory

Baldovin F..pdf
Growth in the global products network

Barabasi A.-L..pdf
Taming Complexity: Controlling Networks

Barbosa F..pdf
Stability Dynamics In Pattern Formation For A Nonlocal Population Dynamics

Barfuss W..pdf
'LoGo' - From local correlations to a sparse estimate of the global inverse covariance matrix

Barra F..pdf
Nonequilibrium Quantum Phase Transitions In The Xy Model: Comparison Of Unitary Time Evolution And Reduced Density Matrix Approaches

Battiston S..pdf
Credit Default Swaps Networks And Systemic Risk

Bazzani A..pdf
Transient States And Congestion In Simple Dynamical Models On Networks

Benetatos P..pdf
Tension-Induced Binding Of Semiflexible Biopolymers

Berec V.pdf
Resonant hybrid quantum bit processing with proton channeling

Berec V.pdf
Fractional entropy and space distillable metric of nonlocal states

Bertotti M.L..pdf
Microscopic models for the study of economic inequality, tax evasion and welfare measures

Bianconi G..pdf

Evolution, information and entropy of multiplex networks

Bianucci M..pdf
Non Conventional Fluctuation - Dissipation Approach In Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Birò T.S..pdf
Statistical Power Law Due To Reservoir Fluctuations And The Universal Thermostat Independence Principle

Blesic S..pdf
Scaling Analysis As A Tool Study The Effects Of Load On Hand Tremor Movements In Essential Tremor

Blumen A..pdf
Exploring The Applications Of Fractional Calculus: Hierarchically-Built-Polymers

Bohinc K..pdf
A Field Theoretic Approach To The Electric Double Layer

Boon J.P..pdf
Anomalous Diffusion In Reaction-Diffusion Systems

Brennen G..pdf
Braided statistical physics with anyons

Bunzarova N.pdf
The Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process On Chains With A Shortcut Revisited

Buyadzhi V.V..pdf
Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamics Of Quantum And Laser Systems

Buyukdagli S..pdf
Statistical Physics Of Charged Liquids Under Nanoconfinement

Caldarelli G.pdf
The Rise Of China In The International Trade Network: A Community Core Detection Approach

Caldarelli G.pdf
Self healing networks

Canosa N..pdf
Discord And Information Deficit In The XX Chain

Carbone A.1.pdf
Detrending Moving Average Algorithm: A review

Carbone A.2.pdf
Noise Phenomena in Multilayered Systems

Casas G.A..pdf
Entropy Production In Systems Described By Nonlinear Fokker-Planck Equations

Casetti L..pdf
Temperature Inversion In A System With Long-Range Interactions

Cecconi F..pdf
Protein Translocation In Narrow Pores: Inferring Bottlenecks From Native-Structures

Cellai D..pdf
Percolation in multiplex networks with overlap

Chae H..pdf
Discontinuous Phase Transition In A Core Contact Process

Chan H.-K..pdf
Scaling Analysis Of Negative Differential Thermal Resistance

Chavanis P.-H.pdf
Isothermal Collapse Of Self-Gravitating Brownian Particles

Chavanis P.-H.pdf
Statistical Mechanics Of Two-Dimensional Euler Flows And Minimum Enstrophy States

Chen H..pdf
Photonic Simulation Of The Dirac Equation In Metamaterials

Chiarotti G.L..pdf
Subsidization Of Production And Financialization Of Trade In Agricultural Commodities: Two Symptoms Of The Same Disease?

Cimini G..pdf
Bootstrapping Topological Properties Of Complex Economic Networks

Constantoudis V.pdf
Short And Long-Range Correlations Between Words In Texts: Universality Versus Cultural Effects

Constantoudis V.pdf
Model-Aided Hybrid Metrology And Characterization Of Surface Nanoroughness

Corberi F..pdf
Condensation Of Large Fluctuations In A Thermodynamical System

Corominas-Murtra B..pdf
Maximum Entropy Principle And Path Dependence

Cristelli M..pdf
Country Development As A Complex Dynamical System: Weather-Like Forecasting"

Curado E.M.F..pdf
Entropies Of Deformed Binomial Distributions

da Gama Batista J..pdf
Dynamics Of Trust In Networks And Systemic Risk

da Silva Barbosa C..pdf
Statistical Analyses Of The Numerical Modelling Of Geomagnetically Induced Currents In A Brazilian Transmission Line

D'Agostino G..pdf
Stochastic Processes on interdependent networks

Dasgupta C..pdf
Equilibrium And Dynamic Properties Of Strongly Confined Liquids

Datta A..pdf
Emergence Of Periodic And Aperiodic Two-Dimensional Patterns Through De-Mixing

de Sena N.C..pdf
Finite Size Effects On Computer Calculations Of Supercooled Liquids

Delfino G..pdf
Order Parameter Profiles In Presence Of Topological Defect Lines

Delle Side D..pdf
Quorum Sensing: Correlation In The Bacterial World

Deo N..pdf
Penner Matrix Models Inspired By Interacting RNA

Deroulers C..pdf
Distribution Of The Positions Of The Scouts In A Population Of Invaders With Contact Interactions

Dettmann C..pdf
Connectivity Of Confined Dense Networks

Di Clemente R..pdf
On The Spatial Distribution Of The Italian Primary School-Size

Dietric S..pdf
Critical Casimir Forces

Di Matteo T..pdf
Dependency Structure And Scaling Properties Of Financial Time Series Are Related

Di Stefano B.N..pdf
Biomimicri, Imitation & Learning As A Method For Developing Cognitive Agents

Ditlevsen P.D..pdf
Understanding The Nature Of Climate Transitions From Paleoclimatic Data

Donangelo R..pdf
The Entanglement Temperature For The N-Dimensional Quantum Walk

Doniach S..pdf
Angular Correlations Of X-Rays Scattered From Nano Particles And Biomolecules In Solution

Donnelly I.C..pdf
Pattern Formation On Networks: A Continuous Time Random Walk Approach

Doria F..pdf
Random Field Ising Model With Finite Connectivity

Dubinin N.E..pdf
The Square-Well Model Within The Mean Spherical Approximation As A Reference System In Variational Calculations For Liquid Metals

Dubkov A.A.pdf
Superdiffusion As A Result Of Mechanical Work

Dyre J.C..pdf
Isomorphs, Hidden Scale Invariance, And Quasiuniversality

Dzifcakova E..pdf
Iris Observations Of O Iv And Si Iv Lines In The Solar Transition Region And Diagnostics Of The k-Distribution

Ellinas D..pdf
Phylogenetics As Quantum Computing: Concepts, Tools, Simulations

Elsekns Y..pdf
Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Limit For The Velocity Process Of An N-Particle System Interacting Stochastically

Eremeev V.pdf
Sudden Changes And Freezing Of The Correlations Between Two Qubits In Cavity Qed Network Under Thermal Dissipations

Eremeev V.pdf
Nonlinear Electron-Phonon Interaction Mechanism Explains The Exotic Superconducting Phase In A Graphene Bilayer

Evangelatos S..pdf
Statistical Mechanics Approach For The Detection Of Multiple Wireless Sources Via A Sensor Network

Evangelou S.N..pdf
Immunity Of Anderson Localization Due To Topology

Fantoni R..pdf
Quantum Gibbs Ensemble Monte Carlo

Faranda D..pdf
Statistical Early-Warning Indicators Based On Auto-Regressive Moving-Average Processes

Fassihi M..pdf
Application Of The Confined Quantum Field Theory In The Statistical Physics. And Reverse Entropy

Fernàndez E.M..pdf
Intrinsic Fluid Interfaces And Non-Locality

Field T.R..pdf
Dynamical theory of spin noise and relaxation: prospects for real time NMR measurements

Fleurke S.R..pdf
Growing Layer Capacity In The Multilayer Particle Deposition Process

Fogedby H..pdf
Large Deviations, Fluctuation Theorems And Model Systems

Foulaadvand M.E.pdf
Two Dimensional Gas Of Hard Needles: A Simulation Study

Foulaadvand M.E.pdf
Description Of Conflicting Traffic Flows By Totally Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Processes

Fronczak A..pdf
Degree-Corrected Blockmodel: Benchmark Graphs For Testing Community Detection Algorithms 

Fronczak P..pdf
International Trade Network: Fractal Properties And Globalization Puzzle

Fujie R..pdf
Stability Condition For Diffusion Of Artificial Language With Linguistic Neutrality

Gabrielli A.pdf
Statistical Physics Approach To Quantifying Differences In Myelinated Nerve Fibers: Application To Aging Detection

Gabrielli A.pdf
Reconstruction Real Economic And Finantial Networks From Partial Information: wtw And w-mid Cases

Gadjiev B.R..pdf
Critical Behavior Of The Systems With a Small-World Property

Gammaitoni L..pdf
Fundamental energy limits in the physics of small-scale computing systems

Garlaschelli D.pdf
Reciprocity And Optimal Scales Of Weighted Networks

Garlaschelli D.pdf
The Generalized Bose-Fermi Distribution: General Formalism And Applications To The Enhanced Reconstruction Of Weighted Networks

Garuccio E..pdf
A Complex Network Approach For Rating Of Socio-Economic Indicators. The Un Egdi Case Study.

Garzò V.pdf
Instabilities In Granular Fluids At Moderate Densities

Gerasimenko V.I..pdf
Approaches To Derivation Of The Boltzmann Kinetic Equation

Germano G..pdf
Spitzer Identities And Wiener-Hopf Factorisations Through Fast Hilbert Transform - Application To The Pricing Of Exotic Derivatives

Gervino G.pdf
Fokker-Planck Equation And Thermodynamic System Analysis

Gervino G.pdf
Thermodynamic Instabilities In High Energy Heavy-Ion Collisions

Gialampoukidis I..pdf
Time Operator, Age and Mixing of Markov chains

Gitterman M..pdf
Stochastic Oscillator With A Random Mass

Glushkov A.V.pdf
Chaos-Geometric Attractor And Quantum Neural Networks Approach To Simulation Of Chaotic Evolutionary Dynamics Of Complex Systems

Glushkov A.V.pdf
Global Mechanisms In The Earth Atmosphere Models, Energy And Angle Momentum Balance And Teleconnection: Statistical And Dynamical Modelling

Gonnella G..pdf
Effective Temperature In An Active Matter System

Gontis V..pdf
Financial Herding Of Three Agent Groups Under The Impact Of Exogenous Noise

Gonzalez de Prado Salas P..pdf
Modeling The Interplay Between Protein And Lipid Aggregation In Supported Membrane

Gonzalez-Pinto M..pdf
Liquid-Crystal Patterns Of Rectangular Particles In A Square Nanocavity

Goychuk I..pdf
Molecular Motors Operating In Viscoelastic Cytosol: Anomalous Vs. Normal Transport And Its Efficiency

Gravino P..pdf
Lapensocosì: Unveiling Political Opinion Structure With A Web-Experiment

Grebenkov D..pdf
Rigorous Results On First-Passage Times For Surface-Mediated Diffusion

Grech D..pdf
Recent Developments In Multifractal Analysis Of Data With Application To Finance

Greshnov A.A.pdf
Fokker-Planck Approach To Propagation Of Light In One-Dimensional Disordered Photonic Crystals

Greshnov A.A.pdf
Modelling The Integer Quantum Hall Effect At Finite Temperature In The Quantum Wells, Quantum Dots And Graphene

Grigolini P..pdf
Emergence Of Complexity From Cooperative Interaction

Guarcello C..pdf
Sine-Gordon Breathers Generation In Driven Long Josephson Junctions

Gubceac G..pdf
A Two-Order Parameter Model For The Analysis Of Phase Transitions

Gudowska-Nowak E..pdf
Work Distribution And Uctuation-Dissipation Relations For Systems Driven By External Levy Noises

Gupte N..pdf
The Transition To Synchronisation On Hierarchical Networks

Guttmann A.J..pdf
Self-Avoiding Walks And Related Models Under Compression

Haaland J.A..pdf
Sessile Drop Evaporation From Isolating And Conducting Surfaces

Haba Z..pdf
Relativistic Diffusion

Hai W..pdf
Transparently Controlling Chaos-Assisted Quantum Transport And Localization

Han S.D..pdf
Decoherence In The Quantum Walk On The Line With Two Entangled Particles

Hansen A..pdf
A Monte Carlo Method For Two-Phase Flow In Porous Media

Helbing D..pdf
Digital Society and Economy 4.0 - The Ultimate Challenges for Complexity Science

Hernandez-Perez R..pdf
How Much Opinion Content Do Literary Texts Have?

Hovhannisyan K..pdf
Entanglement Generation Is Not Necessary For Optimal Work Extraction

Hristopulos T.pdf
The Kappa-Weibull Distribution And Weakest-Link Scaling

Hristopulos T.pdf
Stochastic Local Interaction Model For Scattered Spatial Data

Hwang D.-Uk.pdf
Functional Relation Between Fluctuation And Node Degree In Coupled Stochastic Dynamical Systems

Illien P..pdf
Geometry-Induced Superdiffusion And Velocity Anomaly In Driven Crowded Systems

Inui N..pdf
Thermal Fluctuations And Stability Of A Metallic Particle Levitated By The Casimir Effect Near A Solid-Liquid Interface

Iori G..pdf
Financial Regulations And Bank Credit To The Real Economy

Ishii S.A.pdf
Mathematical Model For Hit Phenomena And Its Application To Analyze Popularity Of Weekly Tv Drama

Ishii S.A.pdf
Network Analysis Of Inter-Firm Payment Flows Using Real Monetary Transaction Records Between Firms

Izmailyan N..pdf
Exact Finite-Size Corrections And Corner Free Energies For The c=-2 Universality Class

Jafari G.R..pdf
The Effect Of Censorship And Community On Emergence Of Monopoly

Jizba P..pdf
Feynman Checkerboard Picture And Neutrino Oscillations

Johal R.S..pdf
Label Uncertainty, Irreversibility And Thermal Efficiency

Kagan A.I..pdf
Evolution Equations For Modelling The Medico-Demographic State In Population.

Kahng B..pdf
Non-Trivial Discontinuous Percolation Model In Cluster Aggregation Processes

Kaizoji T..pdf
Market Bubbles And Crashes From The Point Of View Of Statistical Physics

Kalogeropoulos N..pdf
Geometric Aspects Of A Non-Extensive Entropy

Kantor Y..pdf
Entropic Forces Between Polymers And Repulsive Surfaces

Karlis A.K.pdf
Hedging Against Default Risk In A Heterogeneous Leveraged Market

Karlis A.K.pdf
A Universal Mechanism For Long-Range Cross-Correlations

Kaski K..pdf
Computational Social Sciences: studies of in vivo sociality

Kastrinakis G..pdf
Variational Wavefunction For Multi-Species Spinful Fermionic Systems - Application To Superfluids And Superconductors

Kaulakys B..pdf
1/f Noise From The Nonlinear Transformations Of The Variables

Kazienko P..pdf
Data-Driven Seed Selection For Spread Of Influence In Temporal Social Networks

Kessal S..pdf
Thermodynamics Of Bosonic Systems In The Canonical Ensemble

Kharcheva A.A..pdf
Effect Of Potential Barrier On Correlation Characteristics Of Steady-State Levy Flights In Bistable Potential

Kharlamov G.V..pdf
Molecular Dynamics Simulation Of Self-Diffusion Of Gases And Liquids In Conditions Of Phase Transition

Khetselius O.Yu.pdf
Studying Interaction Dynamics Of Chaotic Systems Within A Non-Linear Prediction Statistical Method: Application To Neurophysiology

Khetselius O.Yu.pdf
Non-Linear Prediction Statistical Method To Forecasting Evolutionary Dynamics Of Environmental Systems: Atmospheric Pollutants Dynamics

Khveshchenko D.V..pdf
Critical Analysis Of Holographic Critical Systems

Kim Y..pdf
Complete Set Of Phase Transition Natures In Generalized Heterogeneous K-Core Percolation On Random Networks

Kleeman R..pdf
A Path Integral Formalism For Non-Equilibrium Hamiltonian Statistical Systems

Knysh S..pdf
Quantum Annealing Of Hopfield Model

Kolovos A..pdf
Methodology For Deployment Of Optimally Distributed Solar Monitoring Networks

Kononovicius A..pdf
Controlling The Dynamics Of Herding Dominant Financial Markets

Konstandakis C..pdf
Simulating Quantum Search Algorithm With Quantum Random Walk

Korniss G..pdf
The Impact Of Heterogeneous Threshold Distribution On Cascades In The Threshold Model With Multiple Initiators

Kourakis I.pdf
A Kappa-Modified Schamel Equation For Ion Acoustic Waves In Superthermal Plasmas

Kourakis I.pdf
Modelling Electrostatic Solitary Waves And Shocks In Non-Maxwellian Plasmas: Soliton Existence And Propagation Characteristics From First Principles

Krapf D..pdf
An Actin Fractal Compartmentalizes The Surface Of Mammalian Cells

Krawczyk M.J..pdf
Communities And Classes In Symmetric Fractals

Kristoufek L..pdf
What Are The Main Drivers Of The Bitcoin Price? Evidence From Wavelet Coherence Analysis

Kursten R..pdf
Optimal Bounds On Critical Or Tricritical Points Of Nonlinear Globally Coupled Systems With Additive Noise

Kusmartsev F..pdf
Two Interdependent Binary Opinion Networks

Kutner R.pdf
Temporal Lambda-Peak In 'Dragon-King' Dynamics On A Real-Life Financial Market

Kutner R.pdf
Empirical Symptoms Of Catastrophic Bifurcation Transitions On Financial Markets

Kuzzay D..pdf
Can we estimate turbulence energy dissipation rate from PIV measurements?

Kyeong S..pdf
Brain Network Modular Structure Of Two Opposite Temperament Groups In Dimensions Of Novelty Seeking And Harm Avoidance

Latella I..pdf
Thermostatistics Of Near-Field Thermal Radiation And Nanoscale Energy Harvesting

Laut I..pdf
Network Analysis Of 3D Complex Plasma Clusters In A Rotating Electric Field

Lawniczak A.T..pdf
Population Of Simple Cognitive Agents Their Model And Performance In Dynamic Environment

Lazar M..pdf
Modeling The Space Plasma Microstates With Kappa Distribution Functions

Lee M.H..pdf
Chaos In Ergodicity

Lee N.-K..pdf
Biofilaments As Annealed Semi-Flexible Copolymers

Lee S..pdf
A New Molecular Dynamics Simulation Method Of The Constant Npt Ensemble

Lee S.B..pdf
Manna Universality Class Is Independent From The Directed Percolation Class

Lepreti F..pdf
Turbulent Diffusion And Pair Dispersion Of Bright Points In The Solar Photosphere

Levis D..pdf
Emergent Structures And Effective Thermodynamics In Systems Of Active Particles.

Leyvraz F..pdf
Undamped Periodic Oscillations In Many-Body Systems

Liarte D.B..pdf
Effective-Medium Theory And Simulations Of Under-Coordinated Random Lattices With Weak Bending Interactions

Lillo F..pdf
Systemic Price Cojumps

Lim C..pdf
Random Graphs In Opinion Dynamics

Lippolis D..pdf
On The Resolution Of A Chaotic Phase Space

Lissia M..pdf
Entropic correlations in metals and astrophysical plasmas: their role in
nuclear fusion reactions

Livadiotis G..pdf
Understanding Kappa Distributions In Space Plasmas

Livan G..pdf
Pricing in a complex financial market: instability from local measures

Lodato M.A..pdf
Noise Can Enhance Stability In Si Bulk?

Lotfi N..pdf
Active And Passive Faults Detection By Using The Page Rank Algorithm

Lozada-Cassou M..pdf
Complex Fluids At Finite Concentration: A Theoretical Approach.

Lucia U..pdf
Phenomenological Model Of Thermoelasticity Of Solids

Luczka J.pdf
Brownian Motors: Enhancement Of Efficiency By Noise

Lushnikov A.A..pdf
Coagulation, Gelation, Random Structures

Lutsko J.F.pdf
Anomalous Diffusion From Particle Interactions

Lutsko J.F.pdf
Generalization Of Classical Nucleation Theory To Include Multiple Order Parameter

Maciolek A..pdf
Action At The Distance

Magazzù L..pdf
Dynamics Of A Dissipative Multi-State Quantum System

Makowski M..pdf
The Intensity Of The Random Variable Intercept In The Sector Of Negative Probabilities.

Malarz K..pdf
Competing Contact Processes In The Watts--Strogatz Network

Mamani W.D.H..pdf
Influence Of Maximum Wind Speed In Wind Power Use

Manneville P..pdf
Dynamical Systems And The Direc Transition To Turbulence In Subcritical Flows

Maragakis M..pdf
A Novel Finite-Size Scaling Method For The Calculation Of Critical Exponents Of Very Low Values Found In Explosive Percolation

Markovivc R..pdf
Intercellular Communication Between Human Lens Epithelial Cells Analyzed By Means Of Complex Network Methodology

Martinez-Raton Y..pdf
Phase Behavior Of Liquid-Crystal Monolayers Of Rod-Like And Plate-Like Particles

Maskawa J..pdf
Collective Behaviors Of Market Participants During Special Offer Quote In Stock Market Crashes

Masood W..pdf
Nonlinear Propagation Of Drift Waves In Rotating Planetary Environments With Nonthermal Population Of Electrons

Matsuzoe H..pdf
Statistical Manifolds On Deformed Exponential Families And Their Applications

Mattheakis M..pdf
Linear And Nonlinear Photonic Rogue Waves In Complex Transparent Media

Matveev L.V.pdf
Influence Of Mobile Second Phase On Impurity Behavior In Double Porous Media: Application To Colloid-Facilitated Transport

Mederos L..pdf
Molecular Dynamics Study Of The Elasticity Of A Lipid Membrane

Mendes J.F..pdf
Structural Properties Of Complex Networks

Metzler R..pdf
New Physics Learned From Single Particle Tracking

Meyer-Ortmanns H.pdf
Coupled Genetic Circuits: A Control Mechanism For The Onset And Arrest Of Collective Oscillations

Meyer-Ortmanns H.pdf
Aging Of Classical Oscillators During A Noise-Driven Migration Of Oscillator Phases

Mihelich M..pdf
Towards an understanding of the Maximum Entropy Production in climate toy models

Mizuno T..pdf
Exogenous Shocks In Financial Markets: Statistical Analysis Using Business News

Modanese G..pdf
Discretized Kinetic Theory On A Network As A Tool For The Study Of Economic Interactions

Molinari V..pdf
Density Distribution Of The Molecules Of A Liquid In A Semi-Infinite Space

Mondaini F..pdf
Free Energy Evaluation In Polymer Translocation Via Jarzynski Equality

Monechi B..pdf
Model Of Air Traffic Control As A Local Optimization On A Navigation Point Network

Montenegro V..pdf
Entanglement Stabilization Assisted By A Nonlinear Oscillator Coupled To A Qubit Through A Conditional Displacement Hamiltonian

Moschou S.P..pdf
Potential Magnetic Field Extrapolation

Mostacci D.pdf
Dispersion Relation Of Longitudinal Waves In Liquid He-4 In The Framework Of The Bohm Interpretation Of Qm

Mostacci D.pdf
Wave Propagation And Collisionless Damping In Quantum Liquids

Mounaix P..pdf
On The Gap And Time Interval Between The First Two Maxima Of Long Random Walks

Mulken O..pdf
Quantum Walks On Complex Networks

Munoz M.A..pdf
Griffiths Phases In Complex Brain Networks

Murariu G.pdf
An Algorithm For Optimizating The Urban Selective Waste Collection Activity. A Case Study In Galati

Murariu G.pdf
Comparative Discussion On Models Of Evaluation For Optical Properties Of Bi2O3

Muscato O..pdf
A Hydrodynamic Model For Silicon Carbide Semiconductors Including Crystal Heating

Nagler J..pdf
Novel Concepts (And Their Connection) In Percolation Of Networked Systems

Najafi E..pdf
Key-phrase Detection using Fractal Patterns of Words in a Text

Nassisi V..pdf
Quantitative Effects Of Rf And Magnetic Pulses On Drosophila Model

Naudts J..pdf
Large Deviation Estimates Involving q-Deformed Exponential Functions

Nechaev S.K..pdf
Fractal globules: new approach to handmade molecular machines

Neda Z..pdf
Distance Versus Time Scaling In Human Travel

Netocny K..pdf
Geometric And Kinetic Aspects Of Nonequilibrium Steady States

Niemi A..pdf
Phase Transitions In Protein Folding

Niven R.K..pdf
Analysis Of Flow Networks By The Maximum Entropy Method

Nobre F.D..pdf
Consistent Thermodynamic Framework For Interacting Particles By Neglecting Thermal Noise

Norizoe Y..pdf
Two-Dimensional Microphase Separation Of Single-Component Homopolymer Brushes

Nowak M.A..pdf
Burgers Dynamics In Random Matrix Models

Obliger A..pdf
Pore Network Model Of Electrokinetic Transport Through Charged Porous Media

Ogushi F..pdf
Reliability Of Cell Fate Decision Using A Simple Multiple Cell Model With Inhibitory Interaction

Oh G..pdf
Portfolio Selection Using Complex Network

Ohara A..pdf
Construction Of Legendre Dualities For Generalized Entropies Via Conformal Flattening And Its Applications

Oikonomou T..pdf
Phenomenological Vs. Statistical Ideal Gas Entropy

Oliveira J.G..pdf
Structure Of Viable Clusters In Interdependent Networks

Olsen R..pdf
From World Time To Event Time: Why Time Matters

Ooshida T..pdf
Analytical Calculation Of Four-Point Correlations As Indicators Of Collective Motion In One-Dimensional And Two-Dimensional Systems Of Repulsive Brownian Particles

Ormerod P..pdf
Radical Uncertainty and Macroprudential policy

Pachos J.K..pdf
Majorana fermions: a new computational paradigm

Palmisano C..pdf
The Ellipsoidal Nested Sampling And The Expression Of The Model Uncertainty In Measurements

Palombo M..pdf
Structural Disorder And Anomalous Diffusion In Random Packing Of Spheres

Papageorgiou H..pdf
Eliciting Praise and Criticism from Positive and Negative Sentiments

Paradisi P.pdf
Statistical Analysis Of Time Series In Anomalous Diffusion Generated By Fractal Intermittency

Paradisi P.pdf
A Renewal Model For The Superconcentration Effect

Park J.-M..pdf
Evolution Dynamics Of A Model For Gene Duplication Under Adaptive Conflict

Patriarca M..pdf
Diversity And Noise Effects In Generalized Multi-Neuron Models Of Homeostatic Regulation Of The Sleep-Wake Cycle

Pearce P.A..pdf
Exact Solution Of A Loop Model Of Critical Dense Polymers In Two Dimensions

Pennetta C..pdf
The Desertification Transition In Semi-Arid Ecosystems: Early Indicators And Effect Of Sprawl Phenomena

Perez-Madrid A..pdf
New Clues On The Thermodynamic Behaviour In Small Systems

Perisic O..pdf
Contact And First Layer Residues Prediction In Protein Dimers Using The Gaussian Network Model With Adjustable Number Of Fast Modes

Peters O..pdf
Evaluating A Gamble – A Dynamics Perspective

Petrakis M.P..pdf
Non-Stationary Covariance Functions Based On Local Interaction Models.

Pierrard V..pdf
Kappa Distributions In Space Plasmas: From Origin To Consequences

Piotrowski E.W..pdf
Do Classical Or Quantum Transitive Preferences Always Result In Indifferent Divisions?

Pistone G..pdf
Information Geometry Formalism For The Spatially Homogeneous Boltzmann Equation

Pollak E..pdf
New Developments In Rate Theory

Polotsky A.A..pdf
Directed Walk Model Of Periodic Heteropolymer Adsorption Onto Periodic Chemically Heterogeneous Surface

Prellberg T..pdf
The Pressure Of Surface-Attached Polymers And Vesicles

Pugliese E..pdf
The Determinants Of The Distribution Of Wealth And Income

Qureshi M.N.S..pdf
Fitting Of Observed Non-Maxwellian Distribution Function And Interpretation Of Lion Roars In Magnetosheath

Raberto M..pdf
Credit-Driven Business Cycles In Agent-Based Macro Models

Racorean O..pdf
The Higher Dimensions Of Stock Market

Rafayelyan M.S..pdf
Diffusion Process Peculiarities In The Liquid-Crystalline Cell Fabricated Through The Contact Of Two Cholesterics With Different Pitches

Rajkovic M.pdf
Instabilities In The Topological Structure Of Financial Simplicial Networks

Rajkovic M.pdf
Nonextensivity As A Measure Of Self-Organization And The Criterion For The Optimal Wavelet Representation

Ramirez J.E..pdf
Random Walks In Random Media

Randol B..pdf
Simulations Of Plasma Obeying Coulomb'S Law And The Formation Of Suprathermal Ion Tails In The Solar Wind

Rapisarda A..pdf
Micro And Macro Benefits Of Random Investments In Financial Markets

Razzitte A.C..pdf
A Non Equilibrium Thermodynamic Model For Ferroelectric Hysteresis

Renat S.pdf
Kinetics Of Subdiffusion Limited Precipitation: Fractional Ham Approach

Renat S.pdf
Fractional Stable Statistics In Bioinformatics

Rittenberg V..pdf
Confirmal Invariant Stochastic Processes

Robledo A..pdf
Weierstrass Random Walks And Complexity

Romanovsky M.Yu..pdf
Boltzmann Distribution With Power Law Tails: New Multi-Parametric Analytical Approximations For New Cars Sells And For Known Distributions Of Income And Wealth

Rosales D..pdf
Diffusion Constants To Reaction-Spreading On Random Clusters

Rossani A..pdf
Spintronics Of A Bipolar Semiconductor With Fermi-Dirac Statistics

Rossi P..pdf
Population Dynamics And Surname Distribution

Rossignoli R..pdf
Dynamics Of Entanglement Between Two Harmonic Modes In Stable And Unstable Regimes

Rubab N..pdf
Parallel And Cross-Field Streaming Instabilities In A Dusty Lorentzian Plasma

Rupprecht J.F..pdf
Actin Flows Mediate A Universal Coupling Between Cell Speed And Cell Persistence

Ruseckas J..pdf

Power-Law Statistics From Nonlinear Stochastic Differential Equations Driven By Levy Stable Noise

Rutkevich S.B.pdf
Scaling Behavior In The 3D O(N) Phi^4  Model In Half-Space And Slab Geometries With Free Boundary Conditions At N=infty

Rutkevich S.B.pdf
Baryon Masses In The Three-State Potts Field Theory In A Weak Magnetic Field

Sakuldee F..pdf
Complex-Valued Time Parameter For The Dynamics Of Time-Dependent Random Hamiltonian

Samani K.A..pdf
Phase Locked Solution Of The Kuramoto Model On Trees

Sanghyun A..pdf
Optimization Of Traffic Efficiency Under Bounded Information Accessibility And Structural Effect

Santalla S.N.pdf
Random Geometry And The Kpz Universality Class

Santalla S.N.pdf
The Role Of Topology On The Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Universality Class

Saracco F..pdf
Reconstructing Countries Diversification By A Simple Competitive Model

Sato A.-H..pdf
An Effect Of Natural Disasters To Socio-Economic Systems And A Procedure To Estimate Physical Exposures

Sauga A..pdf
Memory-Induced Sign Reversals Of The Spatial Cross-Correlation For Particles In Viscoelastic Shear Flows

Savvidis G..pdf
The Gonihedric Paradigm. Extensions Of The Ising Model

Scarfone A.M..pdf
kappa-Deformed Fourier Integrals Transforms

Schertzer D..pdf
Intermittency, Multifractal Vector Fields, Lie Cascades And Stochastic Clifford Algebra

Shalymov D.S..pdf
Speed Gradient And Maxent Principle For Shannon And Tsallis Entropies

Sheng N..pdf
Asymmetrical Free Diffusion With Orientation-Dependence Of Molecules In Finite Timescales

Shikano Y..pdf
Discrete Time Quantum Walk Is Quantum Dynamical Simulator

Shimada T..pdf
A Novel Transition In Robustness Of Open Systems

Shimokawa M..pdf
Experimental Study Of Fractal Pattern Observed In Gravitational Instability

Siringo F..pdf
Dimension Changing Phase Transition In A Lattice Model: A New Universality Class?

Siudem G..pdf
Exact Expression For Number Of Energy States In The Two-Dimensional Ising Model

Sladkowski J.pdf
Thermal Environments In Quantum Games

Sladkowski J.pdf
Quantum Auctions And Quantum Mechanism Design

Somsikov V.M..pdf
Transition From The Mechanics Of Material Point To The Mechanics Of Structured Particle

Spagnolo B..pdf
Noise-Induced Effects In Nonlinear Relaxation Of Condensed Matter Systems

Spicka V..pdf
Fast Dynamics Of Mesoscopic Systems And Fluctuation – Dissipation Theorem

Spineanu F..pdf
Comparative Studies Of The Statistical And Field Theoretical Descriptions Of Vorticity Self-Organization In Two-Dimensional Fluids

Squartini T..pdf
Early-Warning Signals Of Topological Collapse In Interbank Networks

Stratimirovic D..pdf
Scaling Analysis Of Time Series Of Stock Market Indices Of Transitional Economies In The Western Balkans 

Sukhorukov A.A..pdf
Combined Generation And QuanSukhorukov A.A..pdftum Walks Of Biphotons For Reconfigurable Entanglement On A Nonlinear Chip

Swinburne T.D..pdf
Multiscale Analysis Of ManSwinburne T.D..pdfy-Body Transport

Szymanski B.K..pdf
Dynamics Of Opinion Spread In Social Networks

Tacchella A..pdf
The Complex Nested Structure Of The Countries-Products Matrix

Tadic B..pdf
Understanding Dynamics Of Emotions And Emergent Collective Phenomena In Online Social Networks

Takayasu H..pdf
Proposing A Project Of Financial Observatory Of Real-Time Market Fluctuations

Takayasu M..pdf
Similarity Between Colloidal Random Walks And Financial Random Walks

Talbot J..pdf
Stochastic Models Of Blocking In Particulate Flows

Tarasevich Y.Yu..pdf
Is Percolation Of Long Rods Possible?

Tarasov S.V..pdf
Universal Scaling In The Statistics And Thermodynamics Of The Bose-Einstein Condensation Of An Ideal Gas In Different Mesoscopic Traps

Tasca P..pdf
Virtual Currencies. A Risk Analysis

Tay B.A..pdf
Reduced Dynamics Of Dimer Subsystem In A Molecular Chain

Tibely G..pdf
Hierarchies In Tagged Data

Toroczkai Z..pdf
A Reciprocity Based Model Of Social Networks

Toyoizumi H..pdf
Evaluating Advertisement On Social Network By Extended Sir Model

Tria F.pdf
Exploiting networks of concepts in learning paths

Tria F.pdf
The dynamics of correlated novelties

Tsantili I.C..pdf
Karhunen-Loève Expansion Of Spartan Spatial Random Fields

Tsironis G.P.2.pdf
Nonlinear Lattices Embedded In Nonzero Heat Baths

Tsironis G.P.1.pdf
Extreme Waves In Linear And Nonlinear Systems

Tsori Y..pdf
Liquid-Liquid Demixing And Droplet Nucleation In Electric Field Gradients

Tuncer A..pdf
Spectral Renormalization Group For A Scalar Psi^4 Theory On The Cayley Tree

Turner M.S..pdf
Connecting The Physics Of Swarming Animals And Active Matter

Valenti D..pdf
Reaction-Diffusion-Taxis Model For Spatio-Temporal Dynamics Of Five Picophytoplankton Populations

Valiullin R..pdf
Crystal Growth In Confined Spaces

Vasudevan M..pdf
Transiton To Sustained Turbulence As A Non-Equilibrium Phase Transition

Verschelde H..pdf
Thermodynamics of string gas in space-time with horizon

Vieira Ribeiro B.pdf
Brownian Corrections To Particle Motion In The XY Hamiltonian Mean Field Model

Vieira Ribeiro B.pdf
Two-Component Hamiltonian Mean Field Model

Virnau P..pdf
Knots In DNA And Proteins

Vlad M..pdf
Trajectory Statistics And Turbulence Evolution

Vodenska I..pdf
Interdependencies And Causality In Coupled Financial Networks

von der Heydt A.pdf
Phase Behavior Of Randomly Cross-Linked Diblock Copolymers

von der Heydt A.pdf
Cross-Link Induced Stiffening Of Weakly Bending Biopolymers

Voznesenskiy M..pdf
Simulation Of Canonical Properties Of Quantum Systems At Finite Temperatures By Path Integral Numerical Methods

Wada T..pdf
Information Geometry On The k-Thermostatistics

Weihs D..pdf
Anomalous Diffusion Of Particles In Living Breast Cancer Cells – An Indication To Cancer-Specific Function

Wilk G..pdf
Quasi-Power Laws In Multiparticle Production Processes

Wlodarczyk Z..pdf
Tsallis Distribution Decorated With Log-Periodic Oscillation

Woelki M..pdf
Queuing Model Of A Traffic Bottleneck With Bimodal Arrival Rate

Yakovenko V.M..pdf
Global Inequality In Energy Consumption From The Maximal Entropy Perspective

Yamada K..pdf
Realistic Order Book Model Based On Real Data Analysis

Yanagita T..pdf
The Schottky Anomaly In Easily Synchronizable Oscillator-Networks

Yevin I..pdf
The Model Of Public Transport Metropolis In The Form Of A Multilayer Network

Yevin I.pdf
Works Of Art As Multilayer Networks

Yoon P.H..pdf
Kappa Distribution Of Quiet-Time Solar Wind Electrons As Turbulent Quasi-Equilibrium

Yuce C..pdf
Geometric Phase in Bose Einstein Condensates

Zaccaria A..pdf
Memory Effects In Stock Price Dynamics: Evidences Of Technical Trading

Zatloukal V..pdf
Local-Time Representation Of One-Dimensional Feynman Path Integral

Zavadlav J..pdf
Adaptive Resolution Simulation Of An Atomistic Protein In Martini Water

Zlatic V..pdf
Temporal Asymmetries in Italian Interbank Market reproduced by a data-driven Agent-Based Model

Zoli M..pdf
Path Integral Of Twisted And Bent Dna

Zotos X..pdf
Finite Temperature And Magnetic Field Transport In 1D Quantum Magnets

Zukovivc M..pdf
Entropy Of Frustrated Ising Spin Clusters


Prizes in SigmaPhi 2014

During the conference, three works selected out of all the oral and poster presentations by scientists under 40 years, have been awarded.The prizes have been respectively offered for...

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Accepted Abstracts

10 May 2014 The list of accepted abstracts submitted for presentation in the conference is available on the page "Abstracts Lists"

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1. Anomalous Diffusion

Workshop organized by: S. Abe and J.P. Boon

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2. Kappa Plasmas

Workshop organized by: M. Lazar and V. Pierrard

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3. Econophysics

Workshop organized by: L. Pietronero "Economic Complexity" and T. Aste "Finance, Risk"

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4. Sociophysics

Workshop organized by: B. Szymansk; I) G. Korniss, C. Lim "Human behavior, Social networks"; II) V. Constantoudis "Linguistics"

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5. Complex Networks

Workshop organized by: A. Scala "Interacting networks" and B. Kahng "Phase transitions in networks"

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6. Biophysics

Workshop organized by: P. Paradisi

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7. Environmental Statistical Physics

Workshop organized by: D. Hristopulos

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8. Quantum Computation and Quantum Information

Workshop organized by: D. Ellinas and J. Pachos

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