W9. Non-Extensive Statistical Mechanics and Kappa Distributions

Workshop organized by:
G. Livadiotis, M. Leubner and K. Dialynas


Non-Extensive Statistical Mechanics and Kappa Distributions
Theory and Applications in Space, Plasma, and Complexity Sciences

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Classical particle systems reside at thermal equilibrium with their velocity distribution function stabilized into a Maxwell distribution. On the contrary, collisionless and correlated particle systems, such as space plasmas, are characterized by a non-Maxwellian behavior, typically described by the so-called kappa distributions, or combinations thereof. Empirical kappa distributions have become increasingly widespread across space and plasma physics. A breakthrough in the field came with the connection of kappa distributions with the solid theory of non-extensive statistical mechanics. Understanding the statistical origin of these distributions was a cornerstone of theoretical developments and a plethora of applications in geophysical, space, and astrophysical plasmas, from the solar wind and the planetary magnetospheres to the outer heliosphere, the inner heliosheath, and beyond. We welcome abstracts reporting on the progress of the following:

- Theory of Kappa Distributions and Statistical Framework:

Non-extensive statistical mechanics; Superstatistics; Connection with thermodynamics; Entropy; information measure; Temperature; Anisotropy of velocity space; Distributions with potential energy.

- Effects on Plasma Processes, Dynamics, and Complexity:

Particle acceleration; Transport and diffusion; Plasma linear/nonlinear waves and instabilities; Shocks and Rankine–Hugoniot conditions; Polytropic relations; Plasma interactions; Particle correlations; Coupling phenomena; Turbulence; Chaos; Mechanisms generating kappa distributions.

- Data Analyses, Simulations, and Applications in Geophysical, Space, and Astrophysical Plasmas: Solar/Stellar atmospheres; Flares/CMEs; Solar wind; Ionosphere; Terrestrial, planetary, and cometary magnetospheres; Heliosheath and interstellar plasmas; Nebular, galactic and intergalactic plasmas.


SigmaPhi 2023 Europhysics Conference

The European Physical Society (EPS) has recognized the SigmaPhi 2023 as Europhysics Conference.

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W9. Non-Extensive Statistical Mechanics and Kappa Distributions

Workshop organized by:G. Livadiotis, M. Leubner and K. Dialynas

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Special Sessions

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