Abstracts list

Nonlinear ion acoustic waves in dissipative and dispersive magneto-rotating relativistic plasmas with two temperature kappa distributed electrons
Muhammad Mudassar Abbasi

The Wilson-Fisher renormalization group after 50 years
Amnon Aharony

Open questions on the random field Ising model
Amnon Aharony

A dichotomy for planar loop systems  with implications for classical and quantum spin models
Michael Aizenman

The predictable chaos of rare events in complex systems
Tommaso Alberti  

Dynamical analysis of sparse Boolean networks
Alessia Annibale   

Signatures of universal criticality in the anatomic structure of the brain
Helen Ansell

The self-organization of the Sun's corona    
Spiro Antiochos

A multifractional option pricing formula
Axel Araneda

Kappa distribution as a description of spectrum of supra-thermal particles at collisionless shocks
Bojan Arbutina

A multifractal analysis of the rugged energy landscape of spin glasses
Nathan Aubert

Statistical-mechanical consequences of the spectral properties of size-invariant shape transformations
Alhun Aydin

Symmetry-breaking motility and diffusion of a porous object immersed in an active fluid
Yongjoo Baek

Investigation of Dynamical complexity in Swarm-Derived geomagnetic activity indices using information theory
Georgios Balasis

Residual entropy in the repulsive one-dimensional lattice model of liquid water
Fernando Barbosa

Boltzmann Gibbs statistics meets infinite ergodic theory
Eli Barkai  

Packets of diffusing particles exhibit universal exponential tails
Eli Barkai  

Quantum scientific machine learning for multiphysics simulations
Panagiotis Barkoutsos

Stochastic dynamics on graphs and congestion in transport systems: predictive models and application to urban mobility
Armando Bazzani  

Information shift dynamics described by Tsallis q=3 entropy on a compact phase space---a microscopic model of the cosmological constant
Christian Beck

Heavy-tailed distributions from superstatistics: Recent applications for power grids, air pollution statistics, and water quality time series
Christian Beck

Small size, high connectance networks – the case of the artistic social network Aerowaves
Sryridon Bekiaris

Ensemble inequivalence and negative extensibility/compressibility in semiflexible polymers  with fluctuating bending stiffness
Panayotis Benetatos

Does Maxwell's hypothesis of saturation of air near the surface of evaporating liquid hold at all spatial scales?
Eugene Benilov

The Enskog–Vlasov equation: a kinetic model describing gas, liquid, and solid
Eugene Benilov

Large scale simulations of the Ising quantum spin glass transition
Massimo Bernaschi

Innovation diffusion and Bass model on complex networks
Maria Letizia Bertotti

Coordinate-dependent diffusion in a heat bath: Ito-process and its consequences
Arijit Bhattacharyay

Linear or Nonlinear Modeling for ENSO Dynamics?
Marco Bianucci

A generalized definition of cumulants, including operators, to obtain statistical information of a broad class of stochastic processes of interest
Marco Bianucci

The distribution of cover times of random walks on random regular graphs    
Ofer Biham

Mpemba effect in granular and Langevin systems
Apurba Biswas

Characterization of meteorological drivers for incidences of malaria in South Africa
Suzana Blesic

The transition to synchronization of networked systems
Stefano Boccaletti

Finite-size corrections in spin glasses and combinatorial optimization problems
Stefan Boettcher

Orientational ordering of molecules near a charged spherical surface
Klemen Bohinc  

Dependency structures in cryptocurrency market from high to low frequency
Antonio Briola

Modeling hybrid economic systems - money and tokens as incentives for sustainable consumption
Elizaveta Burina

Exponential Tails and asymmetry relations for the spread of biased random walks    
Stas Burov

Manipulating nanoconfined charge and macromolecule transport via electrostatic strong coupling interactions
Sahin Buyukdagli  

Signal reconstruction in rough landscapes: The BBP transition and beyond
Chiara Cammarota

Synchronization properties of noisy coupled Kuramoto oscillators under inhomogeneous noise intensity
Alessandro Campa

The unconstrained ensemble and its use in the study of quantum and classical nonadditive systems
Alessandro Campa

The Fermi Pasta Ulam Tsingou (FPUT) paradox: The birth of nonlinear science
David Campbell

The metastable state of the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingoui (FPUT) problem
David Campbell

A mesoscopic numerical approach to active matter
Carlo Camporeale

Information in feedback ratchet 
Francisco Javier Cao García

Dispersal-induced resilience to stochastic environmental fluctuations in populations with Allee effect 
Francisco Javier Cao García

Fermion mixing in curved spacetime and dark matter
Antonio Capolupo

Measurement-induced phase transition, multipartite entanglement and critical quantum metrology
Angelo Carollo   

Quantum Machine Learning: overview and perspectives
Filippo Caruso

Fourth-order term effects in the Fick-Jacobs equation for diffusion in narrow channels    
Guillermo Chacon-Acosta

Application of nonequilibrium thermodynamics to polymer collapse dynamics
Rakwoo Chang

Phase transition in urban agglomeration and segregation    
Taksu Cheon

Timescale of linear thermalization    
Yuuya Chiba

Energy localisation and dynamics of a mean-field model with non-linear dispersion
Helen Christodoulidi  

Equivalence of solitonic solutions in a neuron chain and single neuron delay differential equations
Giulio Colombini  

Markov features and Kappa distribution of magnetic field fluctuations at ion/sub-ion scales
Giuseppe Consolini  

On the nature of space plasma turbulent fluctuations at sub-ion scales: a Langevin approach
Giuseppe Consolini  

The challenge of nanostochasticity: Complexity concepts and methods in the characterization and modeling of random-like nanostructured surfaces and materials    
Vassilis Constantoudis

Normal quantum channels
Alejandro Contreras Reynoso

Disordered systems beyond the permutation symmetry paradigm
Pierluigi Contucci    

Ordering kinetics in systems with long-range interactions    
Federico Corberi

Typicality, stochastic dynamics and generalized statistical mechanics
Bernat Corominas-murtra

Phase transitions in embryo morphogenesis
Bernat Corominas-murtra

Predictability of population fluctuations
Rodrigo Crespo Miguel

Relativistic gas: Lorentz-invariant distribution for the velocities
Evaldo Curado

Space weather predictability    
Ioannis Daglis

Atmospheric ion escape: contribution to the early evolution of the terrestrial atmosphere
Iannis Dandouras

Space plasma physics from Moon orbit: opportunities provided by the Lunar Gateway
Iannis Dandouras

Dynamical chaos in the integrable Toda chain induced by time discretization
Carlo Danieli

Spacecraft "clusters" for space weather studies
George Danos

On ensemble dependence of fluctuation-induced forces: Exact results for Casimir and Helmholtz forces
Daniel Dantchev

Glassy dynamics and jamming in persistent active matter
Chandan Dasgupta

A κ-generalized Wasserstein metric in the graph-space for seismic waveform inversion issues
Sérgio Luiz da Silva

The usage of kappa distributions in the context of accreting black hole modeling
Jordy Davelaar

Temperature and its uncertainty in nonequilibrium steady state plasmas
Sergio Davis  

Polytropic behavior in the substructure of interplanetary coronal mass ejections
Maher Dayeh  

Non-Gaussian models of financial returns: Comparisons and applications
Federica De Domenico

Thermodynamic bounds on correlation times
Andreas Dechant

Long-range interacting quantum systems
Nicolò Defenu

Effective theories in quantum dynamics: the Kibble-Zurek mechanism
Nicolò Defenu

Universality in nonequilibrium quantum dynamics
Gesualdo Delfino

Measuring the simplicity of neural networks as a function of overparametrization
Elizaveta Demyanenko

Mutations in protein family networks
Nivedita Deo

Geometrical formulation of hybrid kinetic and Gyrokinetic Hamiltonian field theory for astrophysical and laboratory plasmas    
Felipe Nathan deOliveira-Lopes

Surprising spatial profiles in steady flows of living cells which polarize to move
Christophe Deroulers

Cancer invasion and progression: insights from agent-based models
Andreas Deutsch

Energetic H+ and O+ moments and polytropic index in the Kronian magnetosphere with >20 keV Cassini/MIMI measurements
Konstantinos Dialynas   

Hydrodynamics and rheology of fluctuating, semiflexible, inextensible, and slender filaments in Stokes flow
Aleksandar Donev

Scale-free network architectures generated by nonlinear preferential attachment
Sergey Dorogovtsev

Different kinds of localization in complex networks    
Sergey Dorogovtsev

Acoustic metafluids based on random microstructure networks
Aljaž Draškovič-Bračun

Decomposition of cross-correlation networks by means of the concept of q-MST
Stanisław Drożdż   

Instantaneous Lyapunov vectors in DNA
Jean-jacq Du Plessis   

Probability analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems driven by Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process
Alexander Dubkov  

Phase transitions in three-dimensional random anisotropy Heisenberg magnets
Maxym Dudka  

Effects of electron density, multiple ionization a photoionization on the ionization equilibrium the kappa-distribution in the solar corona and plasma diagnostics
Elena Dzifčáková

Phonon modes in disordered systems
Jacob Eapen

Entropy production rate of a nonlinear hybrid quantum optomechanical system
Collins Edet

Evolution in spatially heterogeneous environments
Mohammad Reza Ejtehadi

Quantum computational approach based on quantum κ-entropy
Demosthenes Ellinas

Physics-informed neural network (PINN) for solving quantum master equation via Wigner function
Demosthenes Ellinas

Relationships between solar wind parameters
Heather Elliott  

Transfer of quantum states and stationary quantum correlations in hybrid optomechanical network
Vitalie Eremeev   

Reconstruction of complex networks dynamics from data: Emergent higher-order interactions and critical phenomena
Deniz Eroglu   

Macroscopic stochastic thermodynamics
Massimiliano Esposito

The effects of defects on mangetization reversal processes
Federico Ettori

High-dimensional central limit theorem by Stein's method
Xiao Fang

Temperature distribution in finite systems: Application to the one-dimensional Ising chain
Constanza Farías

Ensemble self-reinforcement and strong memory effects for the anomalous transport of heterogeneous populations    
Sergei Fedotov

Spatial scales of population synchrony generally increases as fluctuations propagate in a two species ecosystem
Miguel Ángel Fernández Grande

Analytical extension/force curve of the freely jointed chain (FJC) and the discrete wormlike chain model (DWLC) with extensible bonds
Alessandro Fiasconaro

Dynamical theory of spin noise and relaxation - Beyond the Lorentzian
Timothy Field

Thermalization universality classes for weakly nonintegrable many-body dynamics
Sergej Flach

Solar flare science with microwave imaging spectroscopy
Gregory Fleishman

Formation and 3D dynamics of replication factories
Giada Forte   

Nonlinear response in dilute colloidal suspensions beyond the fluctuation-dissipation theorem
Thomas Franosch

The entropy production rate for active matter
Derek Frydel

Can memory hysteresis in a neural network judge the continuity/discontinuity of a phase transition?    
Kazuhiro Fuchizaki

A new universal dynamics preceding the early stage of spinodal decomposition    
Kazuhiro Fuchizaki

Strong, weak or no balance? Testing structural hypotheses against real networks
Anna Gallo

Kinetic theory of a confined quasi-one-dimensional gas of hard disks
María Isabel García de Soria  

Shear viscosity of granular mixtures: Assessment of kinetic theories
Vicente Garzó   

Musicians' Synchronization and the Mystery of Swing in Jazz
Theo Geisel   

A machine learning approach for strong aftershock forecasting by the NESTORE algorithm. Comparison of California, Italy and Greece results
Stefania Gentili

On Hierarchies of evolution equations for correlations of many quantum particles
Viktor Gerasimenko

Fluctuations of CO2 concentration inside a mofette long-term, high-frequency monitoring and a simple model
Attila Gergely  

Direct nuclear cross section measures at Big Bang energies and the cosmological lithium problem
Gianpiero Gervino

Human health risk estimation from indoor radon measurements
Gianpiero Gervino

Effect of disorder on charging a quantum battery by collision model
Hamideh Gharib Masouleh

Anomalous relaxation of a Brownian particle in active baths
Cheol-min Ghim

Coupled dynamical phase transitions in driven disk packings
Akash Ghosh

Renormalization group irreversibility in conformal gravity
Stefano Gregorio Giaccari

Testing the neural network approach in the presence of topological frustration
Salvatore Marco Giampaolo

TACTICIAN: AI-based applications for knowledge extraction from ESA’s missions' scientific publications
Omiros Giannakis

Current transport properties and phase diagram of a Kitaev chain with long-range pairing
Domenico Giuliano

On the energization of pickup ions downstream of the heliosheric termination shock, by comparing 0.52-55 keV observed ENA spectra to simulated ENAs inferred by proton hybrid simulations
Matina Gkioulidou

Emission Measure analysis of the transition region of solar flare structures
Costis Gontikakis

Understanding the nature of memory in the order flow of financial markets
Vygintas Gontis

Freeness in cognitive science
Ewa Gudowska-Nowak

Quantum unitary evolution interspersed with repeated non-unitary interactions at random times: The method of stochastic Liouville equation
Shamik Gupta

From fireflies to power grids: The physics of spontaneous synchronization
Shamik Gupta

Climate network analysis of extreme events: Tropical cyclones
Neelima Gupte

Active XY model on a substrate: Density fluctuations and phase ordering
Astik Haldar  

About a curious equivalence: Boltzmann Entropy as measure of information production - its functional representations and ensuing process classes
Rudolf Hanel  

A statistical mechanics framework for porous media flow
Alex Hansen

On a theory of cell decision-making for multicellular systems
Haralampos Hatzikirou   

Hidden geometry of brain dynamics revealed by persistent homology
Jaroslav Hlinka  

Energetic and suprathermal particle measurement at the iner hliosphere    
George Ho

The gradient-flow equations in information geometry and electric circuits
Kohta Horizumi

Energy partition of thermal and nonthermal particles for a composed spectrum of Maxwellian and kappa distribution function in magnetic reconnection     
Masahiro Hoshino

Nonthermal particle acceleration and energy partitioning of thermal and nonthermal particles in collisionless plasma universe    
Masahiro Hoshino

Botzmann-Gibbs distributions and applications to data-driven modeling
Dionissios Hristopulos  

Applications of Kaniadakis functions beyond statistical mechanics
Dionissios Hristopulos

Using percolation theory and an ecological optimum to understand water partitioning on the Earth's surface, including streamflow and vegetation response to climate change
Allen Hunt

Irregularity of polymer domain boundaries in two dimensional polymer solution
Changbong Hyeon  

Statistical complexity of kappa distribution    
Velimir Iić

Super-additivity, generalized concavity and quasi-homogeneity in non-additive systems
Velimir Iić

A quantum thermodynamics approach to optimization in complex systems
Alberto Imparato  

Occurrence and evolution of switchbacks: PSP Observations    
Vamsee Krishna Jagarlamudi

How do strokes affect the brain’s critical state? Structural and functional aspects of  the loss of connectome integrity
Jakub Janarek  

Decoherence limit of quantum systems obeying generalized uncertainty principle: new paradigm for Tsallis thermostatistics
Petr Jizba

A new class of entropy-power-based uncertainty relations
Petr Jizba

Spin based qantum oto engines and majorization    
Ramandeep Johal

Thermoelectric generator in endoreversible approximation: The effect of heat-transfer law under finite physical dimensions constraint
Ramandeep Johal

Quantum and generative machine learning for molecules and materials
Yousung Jung

Criticality of gene regulation networks and an exact bound on stability of Boolean systems
Alkan Kabakcioglu

Locally driven spin collision battery
Serhat Kadıoğlu

Power law entropies for parabolic systems?
Nikolaos Kalogeropoulos

On the origin of the escort distributions
Nikolaos Kalogeropoulos

Quantitative empirical verification of the Lillo-Mike-Farmer hypothesis for the persistent order flow in the Tokyo Stock Exchange market
Kiyoshi Kanazawa   

Correlated percolation of sites not removed by a random walker in 2≤d≤6 dimensions
Yacov Kantor

Frustrated magnetism of a quantum mixed spin-(1, 1/2) Heisenberg octahedral chain from a statistical-mechanical monomer-dimer model
Katarina Karlova

Acceleration and loss of relativistic electrons in the outer radiation belt: “recent scientific insights and modelling efforts”
Christos Katsavrias

Handling incomplete information: Gini coefficient from coarse-grained data
Szabolcs Kelemen

Towards full-network modeling of large power grids
Jeffrey Kelling

How to count in hierarchical landscapes: quenched complexity for the spherical models    
Jaron Kent-Dobias

Tradeoff of generalization error in unsupervised learning
Gilhan Kim

Monte Carlo method for active particle dynamics with thermodynamic consistency
Ki-Won Kim

A game-theory-inspired reinvestigation of the Blume–Capel model
Balázs Király  

Probing quantum phase transitions through entropy in boundary-critical models
Stefan Kirchner

Generative deep neural networks for topological defects and their microstructure reconstruction in two-dimensional spin systems
Kyra Klos  

Physical consequences of non-additive and non-extensive entropies
Jaroslav Knap

An improved indicator for causal interactions in non-linear systems
Nikolaos Kollas

Heterogeneous endosomal dynamics within eukaryotic cells    
Nickolay Korabel

State selection in driven out of equilibrium systems – Noisy stabilized Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
John Michael Kosterlitz

Exact results from approximate theories at critical points from a renormalization group treatment
John Michael Kosterlitz

Application of g-subdiffusion equations with the fractional Caputo time derivative with respect to another function in modeling of anomalous diffusion processes
Tadeusz Kosztołowicz  

Nonlinear electrostatic waves in non-Maxwellian space plasmas: overview of recent advancements
Ioannis Kourakis

Spatial and temporal cluster tomography
Istvan Kovacs  

Individual bias and fluctuations in collective decision making: analytical results and simulations
Mariana Krasnytska   

Potts model with invisible states: changeover to the percolation transition
Mariana Krasnytska

Relaxation dynamics in classical and quantum supercooled liquids
Gopika Krishnan

Ion acceleration at filamentary structures downstream of the earth’ s bow shock: MMS and wind observations
Harald Kucharek

Heternogeneous micro-structure of percolation in complex networks: Theory and applications
Reimer Kuehn

Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of dilute astrophysical plasmas
Matthew Kunz

Stability of power grid concerning tropical cyclones: Increasing resilience by protecting critical lines
Juergen Kurths

Thermalization of weakly non-integrable Josephson junction networks
Gabriel Lando

A sunburst of solutions in the continuous negative perceptron
Clarissa Lauditi

Learning through atypical “phase transitions” in overparameterized neural networks
Clarissa Lauditi 

Coupled electrostatic wavepackets in plasmas: on the role of kappa-distributed electrons on the onset and growth rate of modulational instability
Nikolaos Lazarides  

Odd elasticity in disordered chiral active materials
Cheng-Tai Lee

Coagulating systems revisited with combinatorial approach – possibilities and issues
Michał Łepek  

Can we predict performance of diffusion source localization using navigability?
Michał Łepek  

Thermalization of isolated harmonic networks under conservative noise
Stefano Lepri

Spin-glass models for random lasers: how to expose the inner structure of the replica symmetry breaking distribution to experimental measurements
Luca Leuzzi   

Measuring the importance of individual units to the structure integrity of a complex network
X. San Liang

Causality as a real physical notion ab initio, and causality analysis in climate and environmental sciences
X. San Liang  

Entropy defect in thermodynamics
George Livadiotis

Kappa distributions: Theory and connection to thermodynamics
George Livadiotis

Statistical physics approach in tipping point analysis
Valerie Livina

Explaining the coexistence of oscillations and scale-free avalanches in resting human brain
Fabrizio Lombardi

Stochastic thermodynamics of a particle in a correlated field
Sarah A.M. Loos

Lyapunov vectors and the energy levels of the directed polymer in random media
Juan M. López

Optimal performance on neural and hybrid networks
Nikos Loukeris

Inertial effects in active matter
Hartmut Löwen

Baryon asymmetry from Barrow entropy: theoretical predictions and observational constraints
Gaetano Luciano

The exponential capacity of modern associative memories
Carlo Lucibello

Classical equipartition theorem  and its universal quantum counterpart
Jerzy Łuczka

Forecasting El Niño well before the spring predictability barrier
Josef Ludescher

Continuous non-equilibrium transition  driven by the heat flow
Anna Maciolek

A special model of risk based on Radon transform
Marcin Makowski

Optical thermodynamics of nonlinear systems
Konstantinos Makris

Unexpected energetic particle observations near the sun by parker solar probe and solar orbiter
Olga Malandraki

Searching for universal formula for percolation threshold on two-dimensional lattices with complex neighbourhoods
Krzysztof Malarz

Ranking sequences of continents and countries in affiliations of scientific papers authors
Krzysztof Malarz

Structure and connectivity of solutions in non-convex continuous optimization problems
Enrico Maria Malatesta  

Nonlinear topological edge states: From dynamic delocalization to thermalization
Bertin Many Manda

Experimental observation of violent relaxation and the formation of out-of-equilibrium quasi-stationary states
Bruno Marcos

Solvable model for the decline of unconventional oil and gas
Michael Marder

Memory and dreaming in the Hopfield model
Enzo Marinari

Phase transitions in mini-batch size for sparse and dense deep neural networks
Raffaele Marino

How can a machine automatically discover better feedback strategies for quantum devices?
Florian Marquardt

The mystery of rejuvenation and memory in spin-glasses
Victor Martin-mayor  

Ion-driven instabilities in the inner heliosphere
Mihailo Martinovic

Irregular space plasmas dynamics: entropy production vs fractality
Massimo Materassi

Thermodynamics beyond molecules – Statistical mechanics of populations
Themis Matsoukas

Stochastic processes and statistical mechanics
Themis Matsoukas

Invariant and dually flat information geometric structure for deformed exponential families
Hiroshi Matsuzoe  

Dynamics of an inelastic tagged particle under strong confinement
Pablo Maynar  

The outer heliosphere: A zoo of non-equilibrium plasma's
David Mccomas  

Bosonics systems in the canonical ensemble
Si Khaled Mehdi

Anomalous transport and dynamic phase transitions in stochastic clustering under confinement
Carlos Mejia-Monasterio  

From financial risk measures to thermodynamic formalism
Miguel Mendes  

Langmuir waves in Kappa plasmas    
Francisco Eugenio Mendonça Da Silveira

Long-range correlated processes: confinement, heterogeneity, & tempering
Ralf Metzler

Methods of dimensional reduction to assess rare events of blackouts in power grids
Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns

On a multiscale mean-field spin glass
Emanuele Mingione

Structures in a 2D colloids interacting via modified inverse-power potentials with tunable softening of inner core    
Pankaj Mishra

Complex networks analysis of time-series data: finding patterns in socio-economic systems
Marija Mitrović Dankulov

Decision-making with distorted memory: Escaping the trap of past experience
Evangelos Mitsokapas

Rewiring of scale-free networks vs. degree correlation properties
Giovanni Modanese  

Improvement in barcode analysis in optical DNA mapping
Dibyajyoti Mohanta

Skyrmion phase in a frustrated triangular lattice with next-nearest neighbours
Mariia Mohylna  

Preserving bifurcations through moment closures    
Jan Mölter

Numerical study of the six-dimensional Ising spin glass on a field    
Javier Moreno-Gordo

A simple model of 1/f fluctuations from amplitude modulation and demodulation
Masahiro Morikawa

Verifications of the origin of 1/f noise - Earthquakes, solar flare, and variable stars
Masahiro Morikawa

From networks to spin glasses: Machine learning and statistical inference in discrete systems through the lens of random walks
Alexandre Morozov

Scalable control and observability: Power grids and other large-scale networks
Adilson Motter

Converse symmetry breaking in network dynamics    
Adilson Motter

On the origin and implications of electron non-thermal distributions in the Solar wind    
Pablo Moya

Phase transition in fluctuations of interacting spins at infinite temperature    
Dima Mozyrsky

Dynamic correlations in the conserved Manna sandpile
Anirban Mukherjee

Parametric decays of electromagnetic waves in electron-positron nonextensive plasmas     
Victor Munoz

Random field Ising model for random single vertex origami    
Chihiro Nakajima

Devil’s staircase and modular invariance: from spectral statistics of random operators to phyllotaxis and the Hubbard model on a ring
Serguei Nechaev  

Gintropic limits and scaling for the Hirsch index
Zoltan Neda

Interpolation of large precipitation fields with space and space-time stochastic local interaction models    
Sofia Nerantzaki

Kappa distributions in space plasmas: Review of methods and applications
Georgios Nicolaou

Low energy excitations in vector spin glasses    
Flavio Nicoletti

Glass and pseudo-localization transitions in the Mode-Locked p-spin model for random lasers    
Jacopo Niedda

Molecular motors and Brownian time crystals
Antti Niemi

Nonlinear and non-local FPK equation for probabilistic response of nonlinear systems under Gaussian colored noise excitation
Nikolaos Nikoletatos - Kekatos

From multiplicative matrix-valued diffusion to isometry of residual networks in deep  learning     
Maciej Nowak

Eikonal formulation of large dynamical random matrix models
Maciej Nowak

Global MHD galaxy simulations: feedback, non-equilibrium chemistry and the emergence of a mean-field dynamo    
Evangelia Ntormousi

Data-driven stochastic modelling of power-grid frequency applied to islands
Ulrich Oberhofer

Volterra equations to compute memory kernels and projected cross-correlation functions from molecular dynamics
Amaël Obliger

Fractal and multifractal organisation of neuroimaging signals in cognitive tasks and in disease
Jeremi Ochab

Non-local synchronization and electric power-grid outages
Geza Odor

Higher-order interactions generate mixed order phase transition and Griffiths phases on heterogeneous complex networks
Geza Odor

A statistical approach to diffusion and waiting times in the problem of melting solids
Vivianne Olguín-Arias

Dynamics, fractal geometry and fluctuation-dissipation relations in  the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation
Fernando Oliveira

Dynamics beyond statistics and topological supersymmetry
Igor Ovchinnikov  

On the Nature of Memory in spin glasses
Ilaria Paga

On the superposition principle and non-linear response in spin glasses
Ilaria Paga

Ergodicity in theory and in practice
Fabien Paillusson

Approximate integral of motion for macroscopic lattice systems
Simone Paleari

Bayesian expectation of the mean power of several Gaussian data
Carlo Palmisano   

Solar energetic particle events and elements of prediction
Athanasios Papaioannou

Entropy and complexity analysis of AI-generated and human-made paintings    
Efi-Maria Papia

Study of heterogeneity effects in power grid networks on the community level    
István Papp

Synchronization and criticality in brain models
István Papp

Modeling the number of sunspots using machine learning
Nikolaos Paraskakis

Classical speed limit and finite-time Landauer's bound
Hyunggyu Park

Theory of kinetically-constrained-models dynamics
Gianmarco Perrupato

Information propagation in active system
Fernando Peruani

Double-replica theory for evolution of genotype-phenotype interrelationship
Tuan Pham

The energy cost of local rearrangements makes glasses solid    
Massimo Pica Ciamarra

Regularized Kappa distributions to model the solar wind electrons
Viviane Pierrard

Economic fitness: Concepts, methods and applications
Luciano Pietronero

The maximum of financial greed for the algorithm of two agents cooperation
Edward W. Piotrowski  

Loss landscapes of neural networks through the lens of flat regions and symmetries
Fabrizio Pittorino

Pairwise and high‐order dependencies in the cryptocurrency trading network
Alessandro Pluchino  

Inferring structure from firing patterns of cortical neural networks
Ho Fai Po  

The new wealth of nations: How STEM fields generate the prosperity and inequality of individuals, companies, and countries
Boris Podobnik

Global in time existence theorem for the full revised Enskog equation
Jacek Polewczak

On integrable parametric generalization of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation of spin glasses theory and related thermodynamic stability
Anatolij Prykarpatski   

Stochastic modelling of age-structured populations
Francesco Puccioni

Dynamics of an entangled state under random magnetic fields
Venkata S.S.P. Pydimarri

Integrable peakon models -- Scalar case
Zhijun Qiao

Axion-like particles and fifth force with neutron interferometry
Aniello Quaranta

Quasi-homogeneous black hole thermodynamics    
Hernando Quevedo

A universal method for analysing copolymer growth
Benjamin Qureshi

Electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves and associated ion velocity distributions: Cluster observations    
M.N.S. Qureshi

Studying the stability of a quantum chaotic system at finite temperature via coupling to a 2-level probe
Alejandro Ramírez Yañez

Possible explanation for power law tails of the solar wind ion distribution function: Study of the Liouville-Coulomb system    
Brent Randol

First-passage time below the diagonal for the Brownian maximum
Julien Randon-furling

Investigating the role of talent  and chance in individual sports: from Fencing  to tennis tournaments
Andrea Rapisarda

Thermodynamic efficiency of autocatalytic networks
Alessandro Ravoni

Modeling the deep abiotic weathering of pyrite
Fabio Reis

Universal superdiffusion of random walks on lattices with low diffusivity fractal networks
Fabio Reis

Surprises from the out-of-equilibrium dynamics of mean-field spin glasses
Federico Ricci-Tersenghi

Stochastic equations and dynamics beyond mean-field theory in Spin-Glasses
Tommaso Rizzo

Nonequilibrium critical dynamics: upturns from surface kinetic roughening
Enrique Rodriguez-Fernandez

Non-gaussian diffusion and long-time correlations in the magnetosphere-ionosphere system
Luis F. Rojas-Ochoa

Dynamics of tagged particles in a biased A + A → ∅ system in one dimension: result for asynchronous and parallel updates
Reshmi Roy

Stochastic resonance for an optimal transport of active particles
Miguel Rubi

Entropic transport in confined soft-matter and biological systems
Miguel Rubi

Cold discrete breathers
Benno Rumpf

Pure fluids to black holes: thermodynamics probes microstructures
George Ruppeiner

The complexity of power-grid frequency dynamics – An application in superstatistics   
Leonardo Rydin Gorjão

Persistence, multifractality, and complexity of the German weather-driven electricity spot prices    
Leonardo Rydin Gorjão

Message passing for routing and network design in optical communication
David Saad

Pandemics, marketing and opinion formation – the power of spreading processes
David Saad

Ion-acoustic nonlinear structures in electron-beam superthermal plasmas
Nareshpal Singh Saini

Polymer translocation driven by transversal and time-dependent end-pulled forces
Alejandro Sáinz-agost

New insights on solar wind electrons at 1 AU: Collisionality, heat flux, and thermal force    
Chadi Salem

Anomalous sedimentation of erythrocytes in dilute solutions
Víctor Augusto Samboni B

Gravity-thermodynamics connection and holographic dark energy, with generalized entropies
Emmanuel N. Saridakis

Recent advances on statistical physics of earthquakes by combining natural time analysis and Tsallis non-additive entropy
Nicholas Sarlis

Multifractal operators to analyse and simulate complex and intermittent systems, such as weather and climate
Daniel Schertzer

Ensemble dependence of the critical behavior of a system with long range interaction and quenched randomness    
Nir Schreiber

Are “hubs” in beta-cell clusters an emergent network property or do they exist independently?
Stefano Scialla  

Nucleation kinetics in supercooled ZnSe: Computer simulation data corroborate the validity of the Classical Nucleation Theory
Leila Separdar

Phenomenological implications of nonlocal electrodynamics
Raoul Serao

Renormalization of complex networks
Ángeles M. Serrano

Detecting the ultra low dimensionality of real networks
Ángeles M. Serrano

Bak-Tang-Wiesenfeld sandpile as the mechanism that generates the 1/x power-law and the 1/f spectrum
Alexander Shapoval

Effect of anisotropy on critical temperature estimation using machine learning
Lev Shchur

Non-thermal broadening of IRIS Fe XXI line caused by turbulent plasma flows in the magnetic reconnection region during solar eruptions
Chengcai Shen

Quantum computer health check via quantum random number generation
Yutaka Shikano

A key observable that guarantees linear thermalization of all macroscopic observables    
Akira Shimizu

Interplay between algorithmic bias and external information effects in opinion dynamics with bounded confidence
Alina Sirbu

Numerical investigation of spatiotemporal chaos in nonlinear lattice models
Haris Skokos

Bekenstein bound from the Pauli principle
Luca Smaldone   

Exponential increase of transition rates in metastable systems driven by non-Gaussian noise
Peter Sollich

Bringing together two paradigms of non-equilibrium: Driven dynamics of aging systems
Peter Sollich

Learn your entropy from informative data: an axiom ensuring the consistent identification of generalized entropies
Andrea Somazzi

Universal dipole correlation in homogeneous bulk and interfacial water
Chang Y. Son

Cross-diffusion-induced instability on networks
Cinzia Soresina

A master stability function for cluster synchronization in networks with adaptation
Francesco Sorrentino

The effect of strong electric field in case of acetonitrile and water mixtures    
Anastasios Sourpis

Non-equilibrium dynamics of open systems, fluctuation-dissipation theorems and quantum transport theory
Václav Špička  

Periodic potential can enormously boost free particle transport induced by active fluctuations
Jakub Spiechowicz

Combining topological data analysis with equation-free methods to analyse macroscopic dynamics of a complex network neuronal model
Konstantinos Spiliotis

Rényi entropy of quantum anharmonic chain at non-zero temperature
Miha Srdinsek  

Polytropic behavior in the compressed solar wind    
Micahel Starkey

Ising-Heisenberg diamond-decorated square lattice in a magnetic field: exact results for phase transitions and critical points
Jozef Strecka

Exact calculation of the probabilities of rare events in cluster-cluster aggregation
V. Subashri

Kappa distributions and power-law spectra in space plasmas
Danny Summers

The non-equilibrium nature of the packaging and the ejection processes of viral DNA
Bong June Sung

Nonclassical chemical dynamics in living cells and complex material systems
Jaeyoung Sung   

Natural selection under the go-or-grow dichotomy leads to the emergence of phenotypic and genetic heterogeneity
Simon Syga

Implementation of an autonomous Maxwell demon in a quantum motor    
Jorge Tabanera-Bravo

Emergence of modulated cycles in critical dynamics
Bosiljka Tadic

Correlation aspects of interacting quantum systems in one dimension    
Felipe Taha Sant'Ana

Droplet spreading on reactive substrates
Haim Taitelbaum

Application of statistical physics to agroecology: an adsorption-desorption model of plant intercopping
Julian Talbot

Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics tool for the study of space plasma; The Ehrenfest procedure in Earth’s radiation belts and superstatistics in magnetized plasma
Abiam Tamburrini

Two lane coupled exclusion process with extended Langmuir Kinetics
S. Tamizhazhagan

Squeezing in Bose-Einstein condensate of weakly interacting atoms: non-Gaussian fluctuations of the order parameter and #p-complexity of the joint particle-occupation statistics    
Sergey Tarasov

Permutation group entropy: A new route to complexity for real-valued processes
Piergiulio Tempesta

Characterization of degree and energy distributions in asymptotically scale-free d-dimensional random networks
Ugur Tirnakli

Marginal stability in the spherical spin-glass: on the competition between disorder and (ordered) non-linearity    
Tommaso Tonolo

Estimation of Shannon entropy with applications to systems with memory
Raul Toral

Inference of Boolean networks from perturbation data    
Giuseppe Torrisi

Criticality and phase diagram of quantum long-range systems
Andrea Trombettoni

Ultracold atoms for quantum sensing and quantum technologies
Andrea Trombettoni

Tilted 1D Bose gases and atomtronics
Andrea Trombettoni

Extensive nonadditive entropies for black-holes and cosmology
Constantino Tsallis

Statistical mechanics for complex systems - news and views
Constantino Tsallis

Application of machine learning methods in the targeted energy transfer nonlinear model
Giorgos Tsironis

Generic mean-field model for phase transitions in nonuniform forces
Yoav Tsori

Quantum superposition states: Spin-glasses and magnetic classification over entanglement
Aslı Tuncer

Classification of short-term memory tasks in ROI-based fMRI data    
Marcin Tutajewski

Coherence-enhanced quantum-dot heat engine
Jaegon Um

Gutenberg-Richter, Omori and Cumulative Benioff strain patterns in view of Tsallis entropy and Beck-Cohen superstatistics
Filippo Vallianatos

Extensivity of thermodynamic bodies, weak nonlocality of continua and long-range interactions
Peter Ván

Classical holography
Peter Ván

Scattering in quantum graphs
Jorge A. Vargas Carmona 

Glass transition as a topological phase transition
Mikhail Vasin

Approximation of functional differential equations
Daniele Venturi

Single-stranded DNA-binding protein kinetics: theory and experiments
Juan Pedro García Villaluenga

The gradient-flow equations in information geometry: some approaches from geometrical optics to Randers-Finsler geometry
Tatsuaki Wada

Nonlinear constitutive relations by using some deformed functions
Tatsuaki Wada

Assessing the impact of climate change on fungal pathogens and insect pests in wheat: A joint species distribution model approach
Bingxin Wang

Empirical observations of ultraslow diffusion driven by the fractional dynamics in languages: Fluctuation and dynamical properties of word counts of already popular words
Hayafumi Watanabe  

Nonlinear correlations in EEG signals
Marcin Wątorek

Whistler waves and magnetotail bursty bulk flows as a source for earth's diffuse aurora
Deirdre Wendel

Network reconstruction from noisy and incomplete spreading dynamics
Mateusz Wilinski

Particle  velocity distribution function measurements in the solar wind:  Why we need to do better    
Lynn Wilson

Magnetospheric multiscale observations of kappa distributions in the magnetosheath on small scales    
Dariusz Wójcik

Spatial effects on epidemics diffusion: Network topological characteristics leading to power-law time-dependent growth    
Dimitrios Xenikos

Economic inequality from a statistical physics point of view
Victor Yakovenko  

Generation of Kappa-like electron velocity distribution function by Whistler and Langmuir mode wave spectra
Peter Yoon

On the global warming projection: a new approach based on scaling theory
Naiming Yuan

Diffusion of an intruder in a molecular/granular gas as a random walk
Santos B. Yuste

Thermodynamical consistency of entropic cosmological models
Javier Zamora

Periodicities in solar activity, solar radiation and their links with terrestrial environment 
Valentina Zharkova

Pitch-angle distribution of accelerated electrons in 3D current sheets with magnetic islands    
Valentina Zharkova

Generalized entropy production and nonthermal particle acceleration in collisionless plasmas
Vladimir Zhdankin

Dimensional measures of generalized entropy for statistical physics
Vladimir Zhdankin

Turbulence magnetic reconnection experiments driven by intense lasers    
Jiayong Zhong

Spin models for efficient prediction of massive spatial data
Milan Žukovič


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W1. Quantum Physics and Machine Learning

Workshop organized by:F. Caruso

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W2. Data Science and Econophysics

Workshop organized by:P. Argyrakis

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W3. Complex Networks: Hidden Geometry and Dynamics

Workshop organized by:N. Gupte, M.M. Dankulov and B. Tadic

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W4. Climate and Environment

Workshop organized by:- D. Hristopulos - S. Blesic

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W5. Statistical physics of biophysical systems

Workshop organized by: A. Deutsch and B. Hatzikirou

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W6. Statistical physics methods for power grids

Workshop organized by:G. Odor and C. Beck

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W7. Fluctuations in Physics

Workshop organized by:F. Oliveira

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W8. Thermalization of Nonintegrable Many-Body Systems

Workshop organized by:S. Flach

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W9. Fifty years of the renormalization group

Workshop organized by:A. Aharony

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W10. Non-Extensive Statistical Mechanics and Kappa Distributions

Workshop organized by:G. Livadiotis, M. Leubner, P. Yoon and K. Dialynas

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Special Sessions

S1. Spin Glass Theory and Beyond

Special Session organized by E. Marinari and G. Parisi

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S2. Entropies and Correlations in Complex Systems

Special Session organized by V. Ilić, J. Korbel and S. Gupta

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S3. Holographic and other cosmologically relevant entropies

Special Session organized by P. Jizba and G. Lambiase

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S4. Quantum Long-Range Systems

Special Session organized by A. Trombettoni, S. Ruffo and D. Mukamel

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