Abstracts List

Study of kappa distribution function on EMIC waves in space plasma   
Ahirwar G.

Contribution of higher order correction to nonlinear dust acoustic soliton in dusty plasma with suprathermal ions
Amour R.

Quantum many-body physics with interacting photons: From Mott transitions to many-body localization
Angelakis D.

Torus random numbers generators   
Antoniou I.

Kappa distributions and magnetospheric processes   
Antonova E.

Reaction diffusion limit of a kinetic model for chemically reactive gas mixtures
Anwasia B.

Kinetic theory of Lorentzian distributed twisted wave   
Arshad K.

Multifractal urban morphology of historic city centers and of typical metropolitan areas in Greece
Asimakopoulos A.

Predictive modeling for a complex world: a data-driven perspective   
Aste T.

Casimir force of geometrically confined Bose gas with a trapping potential   
Aydiner E.

Chaotic dynamics of the universe   
Aydiner E.

Residual entropy and waterlike anomalies in the repulsive one dimensional lattice gas
Barbosa F.

Directed percolation and the onset of turbulence in shear flows
Barkley D.

Marginal threshold condition for ordinary mode instability for Non-extesnsive anisotropic distribution
Bashir F.

Pedestrian Mobility: a statistical physics approach based on GPS data   
Bazzani A.

Complex systems in heterogeneous environments   
Beck C.

Thermogeometric phase transition in a unified framework
Banerjee R.

Dust acoustic dressed solitons in dusty plasma in the presence of polarization forces
Benzekka M.

Quantum walk algorithm in chaos based cryptography   
Berec V.

Efficient detection of plastic events in emulsions simulations   
Bernaschi M.

Economic inequality: a moral and political issue that statistical physics may help to address
Bertotti M.

Directed transport in equilibrium and modified Boltzmann distribution   
Bhattacharyay A.

Large scale Geophysical phenomena as emerging properties from fast complex systems: the El Niño case   
Bianucci M.

Kinetic models and hydrodynamic limits for reacting mixtures of polyatomic gases   
Bisi M.

Predicting failure in power grids   
Biswas S.

Changes in the long-term properties of the Danube river flow induced by damming   
Blesic S.

Record dynamics as the origin of aging   
Boettcher S.

Exploring quantum search algorithms with the renormalization group   
Boettcher S.

The interaction between like-charged colloids mediated by multivalent, stiff polyelectrolytes   
Bohinc K.

On the eigenvalue representation of observables and probabilities in a high-dimensional euclidean space and it’s relation to informational geometry
Boulougouris G.

A one dimensional model of irreversible aggregation   
Bunzarova N.

Effective potential for cellular size control   
Burov S.

Spatial evolution of human dialects   
Burridge J.

Electrostatic correlation-induced like-charge macromolecular attraction   
Buyukdagli S.

Excess reciprocity distorts reputation in online social networks   
Caccioli F.

Information and Thermodynamics of feedback controlled systems   
Cao F.

Spatial scales of population fluctuations of two species ecosystems: effects of harvesting, competition or predator prey coupling  
Cao F.

Mechanics, thermodynamics and kinetics of ligand binding to biopolymers   
Cao F.

Non-equilibrium properties of memristive circuits   
Caravelli F.

Geometry of dissipative driven phase transitions   
Carollo A.

Quantum sensing by stochastic quantum Zeno   
Caruso F.

Numerical results for a bidimensional stability analysis of detonation waves   
Carvalho F.

D-wave superconductivity in boson+fermion dimer models
Castelnovo C.

Effect of savings on a gas-like model of economy with credit and debt   
Chacòn-Acosta G.

Analysis of enhancement in game system with the random walk model   
Chae H.

Thermal inclusions in the many-body localized phase in higher dimensions
Chandran A.

Dynamical Networks characterization of space weather events   
Chapman S.

Data quantile-quantile plots: model independent quantification of the evolution of the full distribution and application to solar wind turbulence and extremes  
Chapman S.

Slow and fast timescale dynamics of global mean temperature 
Chapman S.

Dynamical networks characterization of natural data: space weather events and the human brain response to surprise
Chapman S.

Emergence of complexity in urban morphology: building distributions and transportation networks   
Choi M.

Microscopic computation by biochemical systems   
Chu D.

Algorithms for reputation and quality in scientific e-communities   
Cimini G.

Entangling credit and funding shocks in interbank markets   
Cimini G.

Random walks on regular networks generated by fractional Laplacian matrices   
Collet B.

Dynamics of a probe pushed by Physarum polycephalum under electrotaxis   
Confesor M.

Inhomogeneity and dynamical complexity in space plasmas   
Consolini G.

Multifractal correlations in natural language written texts: Effects of language family and long word statistics
Constantoudis V.

The multiple faces of spatial complexity: From galaxies to cities and to nanostructures
Constantoudis V.

Coarsening and percolation in a disordered ferromagnet   
Corberi F.

Sample Space Reducing process and the emergence of arbitrary scaling exponents
Corominas-Murtra B.

X-ray spectra from plasmas with high-energy electrons: kappa-distributions and electron-electron bremsstrahlung
Cui X.

Consistent thermodynamic framework for a nonextensive system and the concept of effective temperature   
Curado E.

Study of the behavior of the persistence length in self-avoiding random walks using the pivot algorithm
da Silva M.

Manipulation and ampli cation of the Casimir force in systems with continuous symmetry: Exact results   
Dantchev D.

Communities’ detection and dynamics: Estonian economic network of payments   
de la Torre S.

On the learning dynamics of complex living systems   
de Lillo S.

Time scales at quantum phase transitions   
de los Santos F.

Exact results for quenched disorder at criticality   
Delfino G.

Kuramoto oscillators in a ring-like topology   
Dénes K.

Functional motifs in protein families   
Deo N.

Oscillations and waves in populations of cells which tend to homeostasis   
Deroulers C.

Isolation statistics in temporal spatial networks   
Dettmann C.

Spatial networks with random connections   
Dettmann C.

Ion acoustic solitary waves in space plasmas having kappa velocity distributed electrons
Devanandhan S.

Kappa distributions in Saturn’s magnetosphere: a model for the energetic ion moments using Cassini/MIMI measurements
Dialynas K.

Forecasting financial markets by means of information filtered graphs   
di Matteo T.

Identifying the dynamics of abrupt climate changes using high resolution ice core records   
Ditlevsen P.

Fluctuating hydrodynamics of complex fluid mixtures   
Donev A.

The nonextensive parameter for the rotating astrophysical systems with power-law distributions   
Du J.

The RPA correction to the Helmholtz free energy of simple liquid metals within variational calculations   
Dubinin N.

Exact results for steady-state probability characteristics of Verhulst and Hongler models with multiplicative Poisson white noise   
Dubkov A.

Interdisciplinary applications of a periodically modulated Poisson noise process with regulated periodicity   
Dubkov A.

Wavelet Monte Carlo dynamics: hydrodynamics without the calculation   
Dyer O.

Theory and diagnostics of the kappa-distribution in the solar atmosphere   
Dzifcakova E.

Continuum equations of active matter based on Gaussian approximation
Ejtehadi R.

Separable qubit X states statistics: A lattice quantum simulator
Ellinas D.

Intermediate-time dynamics in out-of-equilibrium spin chains
Fagotti M.

Comparing NMR and X-ray protein structure: Lindemann-like parameters and NMR disorder
Faraggi E.

On the agreement between small-world-like OFC model and real earthquakes from different regions
Ferreira D.

Models of polymer translocation through motor driven channels   
Fiasconaro A.

Dynamical theory of spin noise and relaxation - Beyond extreme narrowing
Field T.

Kappa distribution and active regions at the sun: probing with microwave gyroresonant radiation   
Fleishman G.

Stochastic community dynamics and time scale dependent turnover rates   
Freund J.

Charging of interstellar dust grains in the non-equilibrium inner heliosheath plasma   
Frisch P.

Mixed-order phase transition in a minimal, diffusion based spin model   
Fronczak A.

How transfer flights shape structure of the airline network   
Fronczak P.

Disassortative degree mixing and fractality of scale-free networks   
Fujiki Y.

The scientific and technological competitiveness of nations: A network analysis   
Gabrielli A.

Detecting early signs of the 2007-2008 crisis in the world trade    
Gabrielli A.

Obliquely propagatingwWaves in bi-kappa plasmas   
Gaelzer R.

Ground-state and finite-temperature phase diagrams of the decorated Ising triangular lattice in a longitudinal magnetic field   
Gàlisovà L.

A mathematical realization of entropy through neutron slowing down
Ganapol B.

Transport in sheared granular suspensions   
Garzò V.

On a cancer discrete-continuous model that explains Peto's paradox   
Gaudiano M.

Propagation of initial correlations and effective equations in collisional kinetic theory   
Gerasimenko V.

Mechanical and chemical-diffusive instabilities in high density strange nuclear matter   
Gervino G.

Where higher order of interactions matters?
Ghanbarnejad F.

On the statistical model of the atom   
Giusti D.

The physics of climate sensitivity: a tale of deterministic and stochastic dynamical systems
Ghil M.

Influence of particle acceleration on the heating of the solar coronal plasma and a data-driven model on nanoflares in solar active region loops   
Gontikakis C.

Breath figures of two immiscible substances as a pathway to structure emulsions   
Guadarrama-Cetina J.

Nonequilibrium properties of Levy noises   
Gudowska-Nowak E.

Finite-time and -size scalings in the evaluation of large deviation functions. Numerical analysis in continuous time
Guevara E.

Synchronization and finite size scaling on hierarchical lattices   
Gupte N.

Vortex states in Bose-Einstein condensates with a nonlocal interaction   
Haas F.

Quasi volume law of entanglement entropy in nonequilibrium steady states
Hakoshima H.

Generalized Gibbs ensemble in nonintegrable systems with an extensive number of local symmetries
Hamazaki R.

History dependence and entropy How one can use entropy to solve Polya processes   
Hanel R.

Statistical mechanics of porous media flow
Hansen A.

Quantum statistical mechanical design of nanomachines   
Hatakeyama R.

Statistics of the generalized maximum likelihood estimation in deformed exponential families
Henmi M.

Classification of 3D Kitaev spin liquids
Hermanns M.

General theory of detrending-operation-based scaling analysis methods and applications   
Hoell M.

Study of nonlinear kinetic equation for grain growth
Hristopulos D.

A connection between the damped harmonic oscillator in a heat bath and spatial data modeling  
Hristopulos D.

Percolation transition to turbulence
Hof B.

The square lattice Ising model on the rectangle   
Hucht F.

Percolation controls on vegetation growth and soil formation
Hunt A.

Addressing the challenges in hydrology with percolation theory   
Hunt A.

Structure and spontaneous symmetry breaking in the fluctuations of driven systems
Hurtado P.

Autonomous thermal motors   
Imparato A.

Positioning experts in knowledge networks   
Ioannidis E.

Effect of mass media, word-of-mouth and town umor in social media reputation analyzed using social physics approach   
Ishii A.

Property price distributions of Taiwan and the UK   
Jain S.

Symbolic co-occurrence networks in bird calls, human music, and other language forms   
Jamerlan M.

Parameter estimation via reluctant discrete quantum walks: an operational approach   
Jarvis P.

Evolutionary dynamics of neighborhood economic status in cities
Jensen H.

Non-additive entropies for black holes?   
Kalogeropoulos N.

The Legendre transform and non-additive entropies   
Kalogeropoulos N.

Spectral properties of atoms/ions in kappa-distribution plasmas   
Kar S.

Stepwise magnetization curves and anomalous thermodynamics of an exactly solvable spin-1/2 Ising-Heisenberg branched chain   
Karlova K.

Measuring 2-time correlation functions in many-body quantum systems
Kastner M.

Order parameters in the cuprate superconductors and the new fermion index   
Kastrinakis G.

Numerical simulation of Barchan Corridor using a lattice model   
Katsuki A.

Soliton excitations in a polariton condensate with defects   
Kessal S.

Coarsening and Persistence in 1-D arrowhead model system   
Khandkar M.

Statistical analysis of NIH 3T3 fibroblasts motility   
Kharcheva A.

Active Brownian particles and run-and-tumble particles separate inside a maze   
Khatami M.

Geometric aspects of thermodynamics and transport in strongly correlated matter   
Khveshchenko D.

Zero-temperature directed polymer in random potential on higher dimension   
Kim J.

Popularity dynamics and preference of memes on complex networks
Kim Y.

Search for novel topological Weyl semimetal phases
Kioussis N.

Phase transitions in evolutionary games combinig two or three pair coordinations on a square lattice   
Kiràly B.

Intertrade times non-stationarity and its impact on autocorrelation of price changes absolute values   
Klamut J.

Variance optimization with no short positions   
Kondor I.

Quantum models based on finite groups: statistical description   
Kornyak V.

Subdiffusion-reaction process in a composite system with a thin membrane   
Kosztolowicz T.

On the modelling principles of electrostatic solitary waves and shocks in non-Maxwellian plasmas: A survey of recent results
Kourakis I.

Reversible computation via classical and quantum many-body numerical methods
Kourtis S.

Physical nature of electrons with “anomalous” energies in Fast atmospheric discharges
Kozhevnikov V.

Ballistic motion in periodic Lorentz gas model with magnetic field.   
Kraemer A.

Leader's benefits of network regeneration after consecutive splits   
Krawczyk M.

Modelling nanostructure growth on a one-dimensional substrate: islands, gaps and statistics   
Krcelic H.

Kappa distributions and their relation to wave-particle interactions and particle dynamics in space plasmas   
Kucharek H.

Predictability of extreme rainfall events via a complex network approach
Kurths J.

Investigation of a dilute solution of ring polymer chains in a slit geometry of two parallel walls with mixed boundary conditions   
Kuterba P.

Diagnosing kappa distribution in the solar corona with the polarized microwave gyroresonance radiation   
Kuznetsov A.

Space-time structure of climate variability
Laepple T.

Model and performance of simple autonomous agents learning to avoid incoming vehicular traffic for two observational learning algorithms 
Lawniczak A.

Autonomous agents with risk takers and risk avoiders' performance in learning to cross CA based highway 
Lawniczak A.

Suprathermal kappa populations: From observations to realistic interpretation
Lazar M.

Absorbing phase transition in continuous media   
Lee S.

Statistical physics insight into photonics: light amplification and propagation in complex and random media
Leuzzi L.

Spreading dynamics of forget-remember mechanism   
Li W.

When panic makes you blind: a chaotic route to systemic risk   
Lillo F.

Network representation of geographical landscape data and their correlation to transportation networks in mountainous Greece
Limnaios S.

Kappa distributions: Theory and applications in plasmas   
Livadiotis G.

Multidimensional complex measures for functional connectivity analysis
Lombardi A.

Statistical physics of active matter: microswimmers in complex environments   
Lowen H.

Long-lasting but transient anomalous diffusion   
Luczka J.

Linear waves and instabilities in plasmas with kappa velocity distributions   
Mace R.

Kinetics of the long single - stranded RNA: nonequilibrium steady state   
Mamasakhlisov Y.

The volume of Gaussian states by information geometry
Mancini S.

Laminar-turbulent patterning in transitional flows, a review of recent results    
Manneville P.

Price discovery and market liquidity at NASDAQ Nordic OMX exchanges
Mantegna R.

K-shell decomposition method applied in patent citation network
Maragakis M.

A time-respecting null model to explore the structure of growing complex networks   
Mariani M.

Early identification of significant nodes in growing networks   
Mariani M.

A difficult choice for a bacterium: Escherichia coli's decision between fermentation and respiration.  
Marinari E.

Matching microscopic and macroscopic responses in glasses with the Janus II computer   
Martín-Mayor V.

Kappa parameter estimations using quasi-thermal noise spectroscopy   
Martinović M.

Unbiasedness of generalized score functions and sequential structures of expectations
Matsuzoe H.

How the abundance in the universe of components determines the statistics of the shared components   
Mazzolini A.

Interstellar boundary explorer (IBEX) overview and recent results
McComas D.

Negative response to an excessive bias by a mixed population of voters
Meja-Monasterio C.

From Hamilton to Boltzmann: The dynamical road toward equilibrium    
Meja-Monasterio C.

A unified approach to percolation processes on multiplex networks   
Mendes J.

Anomalous diffusion in membranes and cytoplasm of biologigal cells
Metzler R.

Gene regulation and facilitated diffusion
Metzler R.

Physical aging and emerging long-period orbits in deterministic classical oscillators
Meyer-Ortmanns H.

A matrix function approach with analysis of fractional random walks on regular n-dimensional lattices   
Michelitsch T.

Rank-size distribution of person names and place names   
Mizuguchi T.

Exploiting global buyer-supplier networks to improve supply chain due diligence   
Mizuno T.

Statistics of correlations and fluctuations in a stochastic model of wealth exchange   
Modanese G.

Nonlinear time series analysis of atmospheric gravity waves   
Modest H.

Confotronic of biofilaments   
Mohrbach H.

Emergence of compositional representations in restricted Boltzmann machines
Monasson R.

Significance and popularity in popular music production
Monechi B.

Modelling delay dynamics on railway networks 
Monechi B.

Refractory period in a network of excitable nodes leads to dynamical stability, extended region of criticality as well as oscillatory behavior   
Montakhab A.

State equation of a relativistic ideal gas   
Mostacci D.

Differential emission measure as a sum of gamma and kappa distribution functions in solar flares based on X-ray and EUV observations   
Motorina G.

Antikythera Mechanism: The oldest computer-tablet and the laws of physics   
Moussas X.

Determining the q-index of heliospheric particle populations during three Solar cycles, and their periodicities 
Moussas X.

20 years of the Franco-Hellenic “Jean-Louis Steinberg” ARTEMIS solar radio spectrograph at thermopylae, Greece   
Moussas X.

Temperature profile and boundary condition in anomalous heat transport   
Mukamel D.

Emergent Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless phase in low-dimensional ferroelectrics   
Nahas Y.

Kinetic model to interpret Whistler waves in multicomponent non-Maxwellian space plasmas   
Nasir W.

Jahn-Teller phase transitions in icosahedral molecules   
Nasrollahi S.

Dually flat geometries in the state space of statistical models   
Naudts J.

Large coordination number expansion for quantum lattice systems   
Navez P.

Ruin game on random garphs   
Neda Z.

Consensus formation times in anisotropic societies   
Neirotti J.

Probing many-body localization with neural networks
Neupert T.

Determining the kappa index of space plasma distributions from observations in a limited energy range   
Nicolaou G.

Plasma temperature misestimation when the Maxwell distribution is assumed for the analysis of plasma that follows the kappa distribution   
Nicolaou G.

Methods of traveling waves in solutions of hyperolic phase field equation
Nizovtseva I.

Effect of clasterization and disorder-order transition in undercooled liquid on kinetics of solidification of glass forming melts       
Nizovtseva I.

Burgulence in random matrix theories   
Nowak M.

Gene regulation as a nonlinear noise filter   
Ochab-Marcinek A.

Properties of suprathermal electrons associated with discrete auroral arcs 
Ogasawara K.

Challenges to measure kappa distributions in the terrestrial ionosphere   
Ogasawara K.

Analysis in structural features of polymer systems by persistent homology   
Ogushi F.

Doubly autoparallelism on the space of probability distributions   
Ohara A.

Using network motif analysis to characterize the international trade network
Ohnishi T.

Designer curved-space geometry for relativistic fermions in Weyl metamaterials
Ojanen T.

Pattern-non-pattern transition for a nonlocal population dynamics
Oliveira F.

Alpha Engine: Designing an Automated Trading Engine
Olsen R.

Collective motion of repulsive Brownian particles in single-file diffusion with and without overtaking   
Ooshida T.

Quantifying interactions
Pachos J.

Two-order parameter model for phase transitions in the presence of an intermediate metastable state with applications   
Paladi F.

How to measure the relaxation time of an stochastic Markov dynamics in a numerical simulation by using the concept of dynamical temperature   
Palma G.

Multidimensional integration and covariance matrix   
Palmisano A.

Noise-induced e ffects in Josephson junction arrays   
Pankratov A.

Drift velocity of bacterial chemotactic response with two alternating turning events and arbitrary persistence parameters   
Pankratova E.

The analysis financial stability based investor trading behavior   
Park A.

Effect of pruning on co-authorship network topology
Pasion P.

Non-extensive statistical analysis of magnetic field during the March 2012 ICME event using a multi-spacecraft approach
Pavlos G.

Self-organization of cancerous cell populations in leukemia progression under targeted therapy   
Persano Adorno D.

Topological data analysis for complex systems
Petri G.

Characteristics of electron velocity distributions in space plasmas   
Pierrard V.

Economic complexity
Pietronero L.

Firms complexity: Technological scope, coherence and performance   
Pietronero L.

Second order structure of a finite sample space exponential manifold   
Pistone G.

A different route to unconventional superconductivity: new spectroscopy on bismuth oxides
Plumb N.

An empirically calibrated large-scale agent-based model for an entire national economy
Poledna S.

Marginal time-reversal and effective fluctuation relations    
Polettini M.

New kinetic models of dense reactive and inert mixtures   
Polewczak J.

An application of geometrization in generalized statistical mechanics   
Portesi M.

An approach for early stage of opinion formation
Prenga D.

Fluctuations and topological defects in ferroelectrics   
Prokhorenko S.

Chimera states in oscillatory dynamics   
Provata A.

Low frequency instabilities based on electron and ion temperature anisotropies in non-Maxwellian plasmas
Qureshi M.

Statistical mechanics approach to coevolving spin system   
Raducha T.

Formation probabilities, Post-measurement entanglement entropy and Casimir effect
Rajabpour M.

A multilayer approach for price dynamics in financial markets   
Rapisarda A.

Synchronization in systems with linear, yet nonreciprocal interactions   
Reath C.

Entropy production in electro-thermal dielectric breakdown in solid materials
Razzitte A.

Dynamical system modelling of human-environment interactions: the case of the classic Maya collapse   
Roman S.

Topology-dependent rationality and quantal response equilibria in structured populations   
Roman S.

A complete multifluid model for bipolar semiconductors   
Rossani A.

Broadband low-frequency electric field structures in non-thermal auroral plasma   
Rufai O.

Out-of-equilibrium physics in spontaneous synchronization
Ruffo S.

Extension of black hole thermodynamics with information geometry   
Ruppeiner G.

Topology, dynamics and the optimisation of spreading processes   
Saad D.

A Model for the Diffusion of Polymeric Melts based on the Generic van der Waals Equation of State and the Free Volume Theory
Sabbagh H.

Some new aspects of dust-acoustic structures in space plasmas out of equilibrium
Saberian E.

Ruppeiner geometry and thermodynamic ensembles of anti-de Sitter black holes
Sahay A.

In-situ observations of solar wind electrons: Interplay between thermal core and suprathermals
Salem C.

Diffusion on surfaces: from theory to experiments and back   
Santos F.

Study of the characteristics of dust acoustic solitary waves and dust acoustic shock waves in electron free dusty space plasma   
Sarkar S.

Statistical physics of earthquakes: Natural time analysis and Tsallis non-additive entropy   
Sarlis N.

Hyperbolic Anosov C-systems. Exponential decay of correlation functions   
Savvidy G.

Cascades, Lévy-Clifford algebra of generators of vector multifractals to analyse and simulate intermittent dynamical systems   
Schertzer D.

Monte Carlo study of four body interaction Potts models
Schreiber N.

The underlying non-equilibrium features of trapped active swimmers
Sevilla F.

Gaussian theory for spatially distributed self-propelled particles   
Seyed-Allaei H.

Turbulent chimeras in large semiconductor laser arrays   
Shena J.

Towards bifurcation theory for rhythmogenesis in neural networks   
Shilnikov A.

On the crack pattern formation in drying starch slurries   
Shima H.

Enhancement of the robustness of evolving open systems by the bidirectionality of interactions
Shimada T.

Entanglement entropy of nonequilibrium steady states
Shimizu A.

Diffusion enhancement of chemically driven molecular motors
Shinagawa R.

Communities as cliques   
Shnerb N.

Solution of the spatial neutral model yields new bounds on the Amazonian species richness   
Shnerb N.

Empirical analysis of vegetation dynamics and the possibility of a catastrophic desertification transition
Shnerb N.

Stability of two-species communities: drift, environmental stochasticity, storage effect and selection   
Shnerb N.

Emergence of community structure in networks from local preferential attachment
Sison G.

A novel model for anomalous transport in biological systems   
Sliusarenko O.

Transport properties in chemically reactive mixtures of dilute gases   
Soares A.

Energy scaling in optimal control of networks   
Sorrentino F.

Equilibration, memory loss and memory preservation in one-dimensional quantum gases   
Sotiriadis S.

Recent progress in the random field ising model
Sourlas N.

Driven quantum metastable states: stabilization by dissipation and resonant activation
Spagnolo B.

Noisy dynamics in long and short Josephson junctions   
Spagnolo B.

Clusters of helicity and stochastic linking number generation in plasma   
Spineanu F.

Inferring monopartite projections of bipartite networks: an entropy-based approach
Squartini T.

Maximum-entropy models for networks   
Squartini T.

Climate prediction in model land: On the roles of initial condition uncertainty and natural variability
Stainforth D.

Lattice gases with a point source and a tourist walk in one dimension   
Stefanovic D.

Strong and weak-universal critical behaviour of a mixed-spin Ising model with a three-spin interaction on the Union Jack lattice   
Strecka J.

Effects of kappa distributions on radiation belt dynamics   
Summers D.

Chemical fluctuation theorem for vibrant reaction networks in living cells   
Sung J.

The language of innovation   
Tacchella A.

The hidden structure of social brain: Analysis of multi-brain graphs   
Tadic B.

Transition between Poisson and non-Poisson fluctuations in sales numbers
Takayasu H.

Growth dynamics of complex business firms network
Takayasu M.

Effect of Crowding and Confinement on First Passage Processes
Talbot J.

Tau-information geometry and entropy   
Tanaka M.

Electrical conductivity of a monolayer of rod-like particles: A lattice approach   
Tarasevich Y.

Self-similarity of critical phenomena and their dependence on the boundary conditions and shape of trapping potential for BEC in various mesoscopic traps   
Tarasov S.

Technical, Legal and Business Challenges Faced by Blockchain Enabled Systems
Tasca P.

Thermal equilibrium states into superpositions of macroscopically distinct states   
Tatsuta M.

The quantum first detection problem: From the energy spectrum to the detection probabilities
Thiel F.

Philosophy of Information, some thoughts
Topsøe F.

Scaling of consensus times in the biased-voter model
Toral R.

Role of heterogeneity in stochastic agent-based models    
Toral R.

Robust chimera states in SQUID metamaterials   
Tsironis G.

Prewetting transition in electric field gradients   
Tsori Y.

Can frequencies be predicted from mean flows?   
Tuckerman L.

Stronger selection can slow down evolution on smooth fitness landscapes under recombination   
Ueda M.

Picophytoplankton dynamics and chlorophyll distributions in a 2D spatial domain: stochastic model vs field data   
Valenti D.

Semiconductor laser Markov models in the micro-canonical, canonical and    grand-canonical ensembles
Vallet A.

Survival of a lazy evasive prey: modest effort, high success
Vasilyev O.

Quasi-coherent aspects in turbulent transport   
Vlad M.

Suprathermal electrons in the solar corona and transition region   
Vocks C.

Time-autocorrelations for the slicer map and Levy walks in disordered media
Vollmer J.

Non-extensive approach to collisionless magnetic reconnection   
Vörös Z.

Information geometry on the thermal probability distributions for a weakly confining potential   
Wada T.

Finite-power performance of heat engines in the linear response regime   
Wang J.

Solar wind suprathermal electrons   
Wang L.

Long range dependence, fractional renewal models, and Bayesian inference  
Watkins N.

Generalised and fractional Langevin equations-implications for energy balance models
Watkins N.

Intraday correlation structure for high frequency financial data   
Wilinski M.

Oscillation phenomena in multiparticle production processes   
Wlodarczyk Z.

Fractality of complex networks emerging from self-organized critical dynamics   
Yakubo K.

Dynamics of words popularity observed from large scale social data   
Yamada K.

Quantum critical behavior of the quantum Ising model on fractal lattices   
Yi H.

Nonlinear wave-particle interaction and electron kappa distribution   
Yoon P.

Following the product progression network to escape from the poverty trap
Zaccaria A.

Liquidity crises in the limit order book: a tale of two time scales   
Zaccaria A.

Weak turbulence analysis of wave spectra in plasmas containing a population of particles with power-law velocity distributions   
Ziebell L.

Evolution of kappa-distributed protons downstream of the heliospheric termination shock in the presence of charge-exchange
Zirnstein E.

DNA exibility at short length scales   
Zoli M.

Modified planar rotator model for efficient gapfilling in spatial data   
Zukovic M.


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EPS Young Researcher Grants

The Organizing Committee of the SigmaPhi 2017 International Conference is very please to inform that the EPS Young Researcher Grants have been assigned

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Elsevier lectures

The publishing company Elsevier sponsors two lectures

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Springer Nature Lectures

The publishing company Springer Nature sponsors three lectures

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EPS-SNP Meeting

The summer board meeting of the European Physical Society - Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Division (EPS-SNP) will be held during the SigmaPhi2017 Conference

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SigmaPhi2017 Europhysics Conference

The European Physical Society (EPS) has recognized the SigmaPhi2017 as Europhysics Conference.

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1. Kappa Distributions and Statistical Mechanics

Workshop organized by: G. Livadiotis, P. Yoon and K. Dialynas

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2. Statistical Physics for the Digital Economy

Workshop organized by: T. Aste, G. Caldarelli, T. Di Matteo and G. Livan

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3. Quantum Matter

Workshop organized by: S. Kourtis, D. Ellinas and J. Pachos

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4. Statistical Physics of Environment, Climate and Ecosystems

Workshop organized by: P. Ditlevsen, D. Hristopulos and D. Valenti

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5. Complexity and self-organization in biology and physiology

Workshop organized by: P. Paradisi and R. Metzler

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6. Sociophysics and Econophysics

Workshop organized by: M.L. Bertotti and V. Constantoudis

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Special Sessions

A1. Stochastic Processes in Complex Environments

Special Session organized by: J. Talbot and C. Mejia-Monasterio

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A2. Kinetic Theory and its applications

Special Session organized by: G. Palasanzas and A. Rossani

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A3. Information Geometry

Special Session organized by: D. Johnston, H. Matsuzoe, G. Ruppeiner and T. Wada

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Scientific Sponsors 2017

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Politecnico di Torino




 Department of Applied

Science and Technology



Roma, Italy

 Technical University of

Crete Chania, Greece

 Aristotele University of

Thessaloniki, Greece

N.C.S.R. Demokritos

Athens, Greece

Italian National Institute

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University of Cagliari




University of Leuven
















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